Outrage by animal poisoned – Journal San Rafael

The neighbours were expressed in the social networks|

This time there were two dead cats. The neighbors claim to a definitive solution.

Again the poisoning of animals is news in our city, this time at a place where formerly there happened this kind of facts. The indignation of the neighbours grows to the repeated cases.

The new fact was made known through the Society for the protection of the Animals and Plants to San Rafael, the entity that released the comment of Sofia Muñoz, ex reina vendimia: “again poisoning of animals in the neighborhood. Two dead cats poisoned in a week. This time we’re not going to stop until we find who is doing this”.

According to said, the person who comes to commit this type of acts “lives in the block bounded by the streets avenida Pueyrredón, Santiago del Estero, Castelli and Grenadiers”.

“This killer does not realize that there are children in the courtyards. That is going to kill someone”, says the comment of Sofia on the social network Facebook, where at the same time made an order: to “share, help me please to find it, this has to stop.”

The former sovereign he also expressed his strong stance against the person who commits these repudiables acts: “to you I say to you that if you don’t like the cats, the dogs, that does not give you the right to decide about their lives, they have owners, children play every day.”

And gave know a personal situation that is happening: “my sister had an attack of weeping and of nerves, thinking it was our cat. I saw her cry many tears because of you, murderer.

A week ago we had made known the indignation of several residents of the same place, by the poisoning of several dogs in the area. Hopefully they will take action and discover the person that commits these acts, which, as he said, Sofia, you not only have consequences on the animals but can also harm children that are circulating out there.

By úlrtimo, it should be noted that some time ago there were also similar cases in other parts of the department, product of the action of the irresponsible of some people who seem to not be aware of the damage they are causing. Thus, it is expected not to have that again to have cases of this type.



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