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An interdisciplinary group animal lover held last Monday, a activity of vaccination of dogs with serum anti-rabies. The organization was a concern of the Centre of Studies (Cepci) and Citizen Participation, an entity integrated by pampean that manages in Buenos Aires, and the protective Association of animals Macachín (APAM).
The Cepci is a civil association that was born in the year 2007, whose main objective is to ensure the validity of the rule of Law, the defense of Human Rights and the construction of citizenship. It is chaired by the attorney piquense Gabriel Bartolomé, and it is related with senator Juan Carlos Marino. The integrate many professionals in the pampean among them the doctor macachinense Gustavo Garcia, the promoter of this activity.
The civil association mentioned managed to receive a donation of 300 doses of rabies vaccine by the National Institute of Zoonoses Pasteur. The drugs were intended to inoculate the nearly two hundred puppies refugees in APAM, but on Monday morning, after performing that task, with the collaboration of the veterinary medical Nathalie Davezac, they made a base in the neighborhood of Plan 3000 Dwellings where the vaccine free of charge to many dogs that led their owners.
Both entities emphasized the preventive action and forward that they will advocate in order to get more dose and repeat the experience that was extremely positive of great interest for the community macachinense. “It was a beautiful day rabies vaccination in APAM and then in the Plan 3000 with excellent reception of the people,” said Gustavo Garcia.

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