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In view of that after the vaccination against rabies is presented different cases of animals with paralysis of the hip or death, the College of Veterinarians of Tarija and the Society of Physicians, “Small Animals” decided to investigate the topic.

Seek to verify or dismiss the theory that the handling, application, or the same vaccine, was what caused the negative effects on pets injected.
Shall draw up a report of all the cases registered in the veterinary of the city. Until the moment are more than 16 pets cared for that suffered from incoordination of hind limbs, paralysis, seizures, decay, among other damages. Of these add up to the death of three dogs, including a bitch pregnant, killed her two cubs. However, the owners did not file a formal complaint.
The president of the College of Medical, Veterinary, Miguel Davila, regretted that in Tarija has not been a reliable laboratory that can issue data is accurate. However, he said receiving support from the Association in Defense of Animal’s (ADA) Bolivia. In a week they will have results and you will know if the vaccination caused the damage.
He was emphatic in pointing out that they expect the public institutions to understand the actions of control that they assume as the College of Veterinarians, for that is part of their job, according to the Law No. 1763.
“We are coordinating with ADA Bolivia, they are also going to be bringing to the National Institute of Health Laboratories (INLASA), the entity that created the vaccines. We are going to apply by using a written detail of the technical specifications of the biological to arrive at a truly accurate or relative, as it is very difficult to make a diagnosis,” he said.
In this regard, the representative of the humane Society Tarija (SPAT), Gonzalo Torres, said that after the canine vaccination of 11 June, we met at least 10 cases of dogs killed, more than 10 paraplegics and others with convulsions and blind.
Consider that the error lies in the poor handling of the vaccine (at the breaking of the cold chain), the staff “not ideal” that the applied and the injections in the wrong places, because they should not be touching the muscle of the animal. Do not rule out making a formal complaint to the Public Ministry.

Responsible for the Program Rage of the Departmental Service of Health (Sedes), Carlos Angulo, said that the instance of which it forms a part is ordered only for the coordination of the campaign and the delivery of vaccines and those who are in charge of the operational part are responsible for the Municipal Government. He assured that as Venues met with the management of the cold chain until the delivery of the vaccines.
“This is a problem in animals and they are in charge of the Municipality, the Sites with all his personal health that makes it is the attention to the people. What we are doing is to control the risk that they may become ill with any transmission by the aggression of the pets to the people”, he said. Angle said he had no knowledge if they went over similar situations at the national level.

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