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TIJUANA.-Establish mechanisms to recognize the exceptional performance of the members of the body police and firefighters of the city, is one of the objectives of the Mayor of Tijuana and the civil association Tijuana Grateful, that for seven years, works for the benefit of public servants.

The mayor of Tijuana, Juan Manuel Gastélum recognized the efforts and courage of firefighters and police officers for taking care of the tijuanenses, this at a ceremony held in the House of the Police, during the installation of the Council 2017 Tijuana Grateful she shall preside until 2018, Xavier Peniche Bustamante.

Before city officials, firefighters, business leaders, and academic sector, Juan Manuel Gastélum stressed that the work of the body police is not easy, so that society and government should work together on the issue of prevention, since Tijuana is living a really hard one in terms of security, that should not be ignored, but to redouble actions to obtain satisfactory results.

Photo: Municipality of Tijuana

The first mayor explained that we must continue to work to improve personal and professional of all the agents policing and thanked Tijuana Grateful for motivating officers, make them feel proud to carry a plate and go out every day to take care of families, with the risk of exposing their lives.

“Today as all days,” was the phrase uttered from a female character during the transmission of a couple of videos, where the content rotates on the situations that are presented day to day in Tijuana, on the issue of public safety, having as main stage the emblematic center of the city.

The holder of the Secretariat of Public Security Municipal, Marco Antonio, Sotomayor reported that in the municipal administration have recovered 2 thousand cars stolen, have been seized 330 guns to 179 people, in this last week seized 29.

Marco Antonio Sotomayor stated that they have been arrested 330 people for various criminal acts and have detained 49 slayer.

The president of the Council 2017 Tijuana Grateful, Xavier Peniche stressed that they are the police, the main actors of this organization that started seven years ago, when it was created the association.

He stressed that thanks to the patronage Tijuana Grateful, they can return just how much officers contribute to the community, he also said that they are the officers who motivate the actions of solidarity that have been joined by traders and businessmen.

Xavier Peniche announced that in this cycle that presides over work in the second and third stage of construction of the House of the Police, in addition to consolidating the benefits of agreements of educational, health and housing, as well as workshops of integration of group, self-esteem, talks, motivational, among others.

The entrepreneur made a parenthesis in his speech to address the media and to express the solidarity of Tijuana Grateful for the recent murder of journalist Javier Valdéz, “receive our support of their work to inform and freedom of expression”, he added.

In the act were present: the secretary of economic development David Brown, the treasurer, Ricardo Chavarria, the captain of the fire department, Luis Gabriel Barrón, the head of the canine unit, Basilio Quiroga, the aldermen, Rogelio Palomera, Ivette Casillas, Juliet Castro and Karina del Real, as well as the delegates Salvador Lujano and Maria Gpe. Barrón.

Also attended: the entrepreneurs Luis Augusto Lutteroth, who is the outgoing president of the association, Alejandro Salinas, Armando Alvarez, Roberto Castro and David Figueroa.

*Press release by the Municipality of Tijuana

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