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Coyotes prowl the streets after the forest fire that takes six days in the wooded area of the municipality of Zacatlán.

Two coyotes in danger of extinction, had fled their natural habitat and roamed the streets of two populations of the municipality of Zacatlán, after the fire is recorded in the wooded area since last Friday, this caused surprise among the population because it was believed that this species was extinct in this area, because for several years no longer could see any of the copy.

The inhabitants asked for help to the staff of the foundation for the protection of animals “Paws of Zacatlán”, which is dedicated to the rescue and protection of dogs and cats, to those who said they had seen wolves that were fleeing from the area of the accident, so they rushed to the aid of these wild animals that actually were coyotes, which are smaller than wolves.

Dan Sanchez Hernandez, vice-president of the foundation, reported that they went to a private home located in Church street close to the centre of Zacatlán, where they found a female coyote that is housed in this residence, which was insured and are awaiting you arrive staff of Profepa to give it to them.

He explained that the animal apparently was in captivity, since they are familiar with the presence of the human, “both enclosed as in freedom your attitude is friendly with us”, while also acknowledging that it is neglected and to perish with health problems.

The other case was registered in the community of Tlatempa, where a family when seeing a coyote walk through the community, they captured him to put him safe and released him in the woods, away from where the forest fire.

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