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Three stray dogs that prowled the Central Market were drugged and transferred this morning to the Municipal Center of Zoonosis to protect the public health of the population, although organizations of protection of animals reported in the first instance poisoning, and then overdose of substances sleep inducing.

The action of Zoonoses was a denunciation of the current manager of the Central Market, Julio Garnica, who was asked to take measures against the animals that would have bitten vendors and passers-by.

In that order, the director of Environment of the Mayor’s office, Alexis Montellano, acknowledged that injected substances sleep inducing to be able to manipulate three animals that were subsequently brought to the Municipal Center of Zoonosis. However, protectionist of animals reported overdose and believe that what happened was animal abuse.

Montellano clarified that the fact it is a normal work that is done in the city and that no one should be. He added that they will wait five days so that the animals are claimed by their owners, otherwise they will be disposed of by euthanasia.

The Protective Association of Animals took advantage of the circumstance to require the mayor Ivan Arciénega the fulfillment of his promises, such as the building of a municipal shelter, according to the needs of the animals.

Today evening, there was a strong altercation between protectionist of animals and vendors who defended the manager of that centre of supply, even there was some scuffling in the attempt to break their posters.

After a meeting under the surveillance of the Police, it was agreed that for the next actions will be coordinated with the associations of protective animals the different operating shall be carried out in markets and other centers of supply.

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