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Currently, of the civil association «They are the reason”, keeping in a hostel to 125 dogs that were rescued from the street, however, the monthly expense is approximately 70 thousand pesos, which are obtained through events and donations.
The spokesperson of the association, Ana Daniela García Salgado, commented that most of the dogs have been rescued in a situation of abandonment, with diseases such as scabies, wounds, broken bones, and malnutrition, among other serious health problems.
Also, there are cases in which the owners of the animals simply abandoned at the door of the hostel arguing that they can no longer keep them and some that were rescued from the Care Center Dog not to be euthanized.
«Every day we have 10 to 15 cases involving allegations of neglect or abuse in our page of facebook, in the hostel we have come to have up to 200 dogs and although there are constantly adoptions the expenses are very high,” he said.

High costs
Garcia Salgado mentioned that on a monthly basis intended for 36 thousand pesos for food, 12 thousand pesos in personnel, 4 thousand pesos for the garbage service, 4 thousand pesos in water, 10 thousand pesos for medical expenses and 4 thousand pesos in cleaning materials.
The resources come from donations, events and raffles organised They Are The Reason, however, there are cases in which the animals require intensive care and specialized care that greatly increases the expense of the hostel.
«Unfortunately, we never get 100 percent of the resources that you need, we have accounts with veterinarians from more than 20 thousand pesos that allow us to go paying it little by little, for example, the case of Maty, the dog that was tortured with machete blows, the people responded favorably, but we still have 10 thousand dollars of the operations that are carried out”, he explained.

Promote complaint
In addition to the rescue of domestic animals, They Are The Reason for constantly promotes the denunciation of the cases of animal abuse and disseminates information on the benefits of spaying or neutering pets, in addition to sharing photos of animals that are lost in your page.

If you want to support the cause:
You can contact via his page of facebook: They Are The Reason, or go to the facilities of the hostel located to one side of the Center of Attention Canine in the street Stay without number, from 14:00 to 17:00 hours

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