‘It hurts the mistreatment of dinosaurs’, the joke that is already viral – Excélsior

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXyvBKh9qq4]


Lto complaint, was a target: the humane society. What reason? Abuse. And the well-known phrase: ‘to Me hurts, Mexico’ accompanied by the hashtag #AvecesHePensadoQue were enough to viralise a video.

But… all of that was a joke… A figure of a dinosaur tied up in the back of a pickup truck was the pretext for a group of young people complaining of the abuse that I suffered.

Here nothing more to make a report of how they dealt with the dinosaurs,” says one of the complainants.

It was obvious that there was no abuse. Do you think a dinosaur alive today? Well, even though the users in the social networks, then they betray you… there are regions in which there are still talks of ‘el chupacabras’, the stalking of the nahual, of the supernatural, supposed dead!.

However, the comments appeared to be so eloquent… “These people will bring you tied up and not allowed to remain free. This is a complaint for the society for the protection of animals. I denounce! Go ahead, go ahead, burn them, grábale the plates,” he said to the driver.

And the bolt: “I hurts, Mexico… in the heart”.

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