Italy stops to 197 people in operation against the mafia – informational Level

A total of 197 people were arrested today in the south of Italy in three operations against the mafia, reported the local police.


The first operating took place in the region of Calabria, where more than a thousand agents participated in the arrest of 116 people and destroyed 24 clans “historical” of the Ndrangheta, the mafia of calabria, said the body of carabineros.


Those arrested formed part of 21 families of the “mandamento” (zone of influence) ionian, in addition to the clans Ficara-Latella, Serraino and the village of Sinopoli, is considered strategic because it is the point of union between the Ndrangheta of the city and of the plain of Gioia Tauro.


All the detainees were accused of association mafia, extortion, illegal carrying of weapons, fraudulent transfer of values, fraud and other offences aggravated by the purpose of mafia.


The arrests were the result of an investigation of the Direction of the District Antimafia made by the Cast-Special Operative of the police group and the city of Locri on the most important clans of the “mandamento” ionian, considered the center of the activity of the Ndrangheta.


In the operation involved more than a thousand agents, supported by helicopters, canine units and military specialized in the localization of places to hide.


According to the researchers, the Ndrangheta had their own “courts” competent to judge members suspected of violation of the rules of the criminal organization and decided the iniciatiavas to take to resolve internal wars.


The inquiry confirmed the dangerousness of the Ndrangheta as a unitary structure and secret, articulated on several levels and with agencies cupulares, with its main area of action in the province of Reggio Calabria, said the police in a note.


For their part, the police of Taranto, in the southern region of Puglia, confirmed the arrest of 27 people accused of association mafia, complicity in electoral political-mafia, extortion, corruption, theft, money laundering, injuries, possession of weapons and narcotic substances, among other crimes.


Among the 27 arrested were named as the administrators and local politicians in three municipalities of the provinces of Taranto and Brindisi, among them the mayors of Avetrana, Antonio Mined and Erchie, Giuseppe Margheriti and a former municipal councilor of the town of Manduria.


The mafia clan dismantled sought to become a “centre of power” thanks to its ability to infiltrate the economic fabric and local business and operated on various fronts, such as the award of government contracts, extortion, money laundering, and trying to intimidate businessmen and traders.


In the operation involved 200 police officers supported by a helicopter.


Further south, in the province of sicily of Catania, another 200 agents in the body of police executed 54 warrants of arrest against many other people accused of belonging to Cosa Nostra, the mafia of Sicily.


The detainees were accused of association, mafia-like, drug trafficking, extortion and robbery and during the operation were seized several kilograms of the drug, whose sale was the primary activity of the criminal group.


According to the police, the custody orders interim were issued under order of the office of the prosecutor antimafia local.

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