Jackson Galaxy, host of ‘My cat demon’ visit … – Commerce (Ecuador)

The cats follow him on where to go and this Monday 4 September 2017 was not the exception. Before the conference , which will be this September 5 at the Convention Center of Guayaquil, Jackson Galaxy answered a few questions gatunas in a hotel in the centre of the city. The output I expected a pussycat for some promotional photos.

The protagonist of the training program ‘My cat demon’, which was first broadcast in 2011 by Animal Planet, spoke previously about the behavior feline and summed up that there are no cats with problems; the problem is the human. That’s why his mission is to teach the owners to see the world through the eyes of their pets.

Galaxy, who was also a musician, is facing extreme cases, armed with his guitar case, filled with toys. He has written some books, and before that he was a rescuer from the humane Society of the Valley of Boulder, Colorado (united States). That experience led him to go above and beyond to improve the relationship between owners and cats to prevent the abandonment.

Full of tattoos -and scratch-, with its characteristic rings, gatunas, sideburns and moustache abundant, Galaxy shared in Guayaquil some tips, for example, for those mininos that do not use their box of sand, and promoted the adoption.

He is director of the Jackson Galaxy Foundation, in Los Angeles, and one of the things that most surprised of Guayaquil is to see so many cats wild in the streets. It is a good thing, he said, always go hand-in-hand with measures of sanitation and control.

The evening of this September 5, the presenter will discuss the psychology behavioral method is more affective to the training of cats, and answer more questions. For your conference there are two types of localities: the Sand Box ($40) and Galaxy Box ($ 70).

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