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A group of people united by the love for animals held an event holistic to raise funds to benefit the dogs of the street and for those who live in the shelter of the Island Jordan. The activity was held last week and was coordinated by the Association for the protection of Animals (APRA) and Florence Ramos, mascotera independent.

During the day there were classes, do yoga, reiki and meditation with singing bowls. Suzanne Schlicht, a member of APRA, said that there was a wide participation of the people and added that they are working for an upcoming event. The initiative was publicised through social networks and gained a good response. Susana explained that they managed to raise about 8,000 pesos which will be divided between the two groups that work hard with the dogs that have no home.

As explained, the municipal shelter of the Island, Jordan has 400 dogs that are waiting to be adopted. The work of APRA is to work with the vaccines and medicines that need those animals. Susan also stressed that they also attend to the puppies that arrive on the scene, many of them likely to contract parvovirus and distemper.

That is why they “joined forces” with Florence, a teacher of yoga that is dedicated to helping dogs that are in street situation. Is contacted with the authorities of the School 258, and thus, they managed to get the space. The event holistic what took place on Thursday last, from 15 to 20. People could attend the dictation of the talks with a supportive contribution of 50 pesos, explained Susana. The people who toured the site were also able to enjoy a service of buffet is varied, which included vegan food.

The member of APRA explained that the protective association holds events on an ongoing basis to attend to the dogs that live on the Island Jordan, and expect to be able to define a new event next month that will be a sale of food.

The collaborator of the association cipoleña explained that they receive many inquiries on how to help dogs out of the shelter and the answers they give is to “adopt” and be responsible with the possession of pets by avoiding these back to the street. With respect to the work that you do, Susan Schlicht explained that APRA assists permanent animals that live at the shelter.

APRA attends to the dogs that are on the Island Jordan. Every day they go to the municipal shelter to do the follow-up of sick animals.

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