Jujuy: A dog despellajado spent two days lying in the street – Daily 24

A case similar to the doggy Chocolate, that died after agonizing for several days after having been skinned alive in Cordoba, he was denounced in the province of Jujuy, where a small can was abandoned two days in the street after being stabbed at least eleven times, before the indifference of the neighbors of the town of Palpalá.

Neighbors of the barrio General Savio complained that the animal was two days lying in a street without being able to move after having been skinned alive. The dog had been abandoned in a village and had eleven cuts very deep, according to published Around Jujuy.

A protective of animals recató and then vets is washed and underwent reconstructive surgery. Now the animal is in recovery.

«Eleven cuts…, skinned and left on the sidewalk… people watching it suffer, and without the heart of apiadarse…, they are all crazy…, three women sitting on the sidewalk 20 meters away from the and or looked at him…, her face asuplicando help…», wrote then one of the administrators of the page of Facebook of the Hogar San Roque, Jujuy.

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