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The doggie street was rescued on the 24th of June of this year by a person of the colony Sam John, moments after he suffered the attack with machete
Justicia por Max, el primer juicio por maltrato animalFor the first time in Sonora, there will be a trial for animal abuse (Photo. taken from the web)

Sonora (The Broken Chair).- Disoriented through the streets was passing Max, the dog that was attacked with a machete by a subject that when you see the dog without the owner and checked out, took the opportunity to do harm without just cause.

The doggie street was rescued on the 24th of June of this year by a person of the colony Sam John, moments after he suffered the attack with a weapon piercing-cutting that will split the face in two, confirmed Carlina Araiza representative of the association Dog Leg in Hermosillo.

«Here at the association we provide help to Max when he suffered this assault, the person who saw him lying in the street brought with us and immediately you were treated, when he was in better health, the woman who had brought him, now his owner decided to take him in adoption, it is a canine that needed a lot of love».

How much of that Max is a dog playful, pleasant, and understood, with enough energy throughout the day and we achieved a very fast recovery.

After being attended to the wounds of the can, the current owner in conjunction with the association, filed the criminal complaint before the authorities.

This weekend, the Attorney General of Justice in Sonora released on the first case that will be prosecuted for animal abuse, it is assailant to Max who was arrested by elements of the Agency Ministerial Criminal (AMIC) last Sunday.

Luis N alias «the Nando»was linked to the process under the crime of acts of ill-treatment and cruelty to the detriment of the canine, and will remain in pretrial detention for three months, during which time they will develop the judgment to issue a ruling.

Penalty could be three years to aggressor

It is the first case for animal abuse that takes place in the state, said the Agent of the Public Ministry, Martha Castro, who leads this case.

He also said they met the elements of proof necessary for the judge resolved in favor of remand, and avoid the physical harm of more animals as happened to Max.

The maximum penalty that could reach the accused for animal abuse, is three years, according to the dictates of the penal code of Sonora with the adoption in 2015 of the Law of Animal Protection.

«In the particular case could be a sentence that goes from one year to two months, for up to 3 years, depending on the resolution of the judge, in this case for having used a weapon, it’s not enough benefit to depart to lead the process in freedom.

There are 14 complaints are pending for animal abuse

The case of Max is not the only one that has been reported to Prosecutors in Sonora, in the court there are 14 other lawsuits pending to be solved, about animals, mostly dogs, dogs that are attacked in the streets or even by their owners, according to the deputy David Palafox Celaya, driver of the law.

«The reality is that these complaints are very few compared with those we know via social networks, or the cases that we see in our colony.»

Indicated that it will monitor these cases for them to be resolved and those responsible for acquiring the sanctions contained in the law.

The abuse suffered by canines in Sonora, are mainly beatings, poisonings and omission of care.


Luis was arrested for attacking the machete to his dog

Luis could spend 3 years in jail Sound for acts of cruelty against an animal


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