Kill 12 cats in the CDMX – Periodic Socket

City of Mexico.- Neighbors of the colonies Legaria, Drive Loma Hermosa Drive and Sotelo, on the perimeter of the delegation Miguel Hidalgo of Mexico City, denounced the killing of cats sterilized and that took care of them.

This Saturday rallied in front of the doors of the mint, where they noted that, employees of this government agency as responsible for the death of at least twelve cats in the last two weeks.

The neighbors, those who fight for the defense of animals, the sensitive community that advocates for the respect, to them, we feel outraged by what is going on. Disappeared our cats, surely her rapists, were made to suffer and surely killed them, we don’t want to imagine what way,» said Ireri Carranza López, who belongs to the Union for the protection of Animals.

Ireri added that cruelty to animals is punishable because it hurts to life.

We opted for a civilized society that takes responsibility for what that leads to, of your environment, and we are not willing to allow this to go on assaulting in any form and by any means to our animals,» added the affected.

Announced that soon begin a massive campaign of sterilization of cats in the delegation Miguel Hidalgo.

The protesters, who were carrying bows black, demonstrated in front of the doors of the House of the Currency, in the calle Amistad Dam, colonia Legaria.

During the protest there were no incidents.

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