Killing of cats in Merida –

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There are 15 cats killed in recent days, reported inhabitants of the colonia Jesus Carranza.

In a week five cats were poisoned; the Last event was the Wednesday, the animal was found in the courtyard of a tenement on calle 34 between 35 and 39 of the said colony.

The FiscalÃa General is attending the case, an expert veterinarian realizÃ3 necropsy and signal alÃ3 poisoning as a cause of death. Apparently you have suspicion on two people.

Owners of pets require that you get an exemplary punishment for the responsible.

According to The Journal of Yucatán, president of the humane “EvoluciÃ3nâ€�,Silvia Cortés, signal alÃ3 that “no sÃ3lo are damaged or±ando to the animals, but also create a conflict of convivenciaâ€�.
Cortés signal alÃ3 the people who perform this type of criminal acts typically exercise violence against human más débill that they.

The neighbors comment that they live in fear of loosing their pets.


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