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“Bandida” was a dog that used to have a routine. Every morning he left his home and walked three blocks to visit his mother. This he did for three years, since he was a puppy, tells his owner, Pamela Arriaga White.

On Monday morning, the inhabitants of San Marcos la Laguna, Sololá is found with the unpleasant news. Stray dogs and those who remained in their houses they feel dead or even agonizaban, one above the other.

“Aside from being an act of cruel, was very dangerous. Not measured the damage that could be done because they threw the poison without discrimination in sewers, gardens, and terraces, and inside the houses,” explains Arriaga.

“I left early and I was scared, I was sad to see how the dogs were crying, they could no longer walk and one upon another falling on all the streets, I saw a picop of the municipality that had several animals,” he says.

The neighbor explains that members of the Organization Help came to the mayor’s office to demand information on the fact.

Vincent Puzul, mayor of San Marcos la Laguna, Sololá denies that it was he who gave that order. Ensures that have already initiated an investigation to determine who or whom are responsible.

The neighbors organized to file a complaint against the chief councillor, as they accuse him of having ordered a act frail, which put at risk the life of the inhabitants, reiterates Arriaga.

The organization for the protection of animals, “he Understands my Silence,” also condemned this fact and announces that it will submit criminal and civil actions against the chief councillor, explains Karla Chacón, a member of the entity.

Plenary known today Animal Welfare Act

>On Tuesday, the deputies of the Congress of the Republic approved in the third debate, by articles and the final draft, the project, which has to approve the Animal Welfare Act.

It seeks to punish anyone who mistreats the pets, as well as their food. It also punishes the smuggling of wild animals.

Today will continue in the plenary the adoption by articles of the regulations.

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