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The image that revealed the noble action of a puppy became viral in the social networks. What few know is that, in reality, it was a can female that shared his blanket with a dog callejeror for a special occasion.

Wool is a puppy of just 8 months of age, your story is very sad but, at the same time, encouraging. Lana learned that there is nothing better than to be nice and supportive after being rescued from the streets.

You CAN SEE Tenderness in Facebook for a dog with a bucket of water in Brooks [VIDEO]

The tender dog, who lives in Brazil, also was street but had the good luck of a foundation for the protection of animals the rescued, to be adopted by Often Schaumloeffel and her boyfriend, who gave him a home and a new life.

Despite having all the love, Lana has not forgotten how difficult it is to live on the street and, therefore, he shared his blanket with a dog without a home.

Schaumloeffel told that Lana dragged his blanket for several meters to reach the gates of the courtyard, where a dog street went cold.

«She (Lana) is the dog most beautiful that I have ever known», said Schaumloeffel to The Dodo. «Sometimes we forget the difference we can make in the life of someone, she reminded me of this», he added.

As mentioned the media, the couple has tried to get close to the stray dog, but he flees every time someone is very close.

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