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The chavismo there are that give you the ability to cancel, eliminate, suppress, abolish, prohibit, destroy, confiscate and estatizar what, your pathetic knowledge and meager understanding, is not it fits with a model defined by dogmatic conceptions of political, economic and social exhumadas the graveyard of ideologies. Infected syndrome ángel exterminador by a crafty and calculating, Fidel, the barbarazo of Sabaneta took everything, ate the cheese that was on the table, and also finished with the inhuman (¿¡!?) bull.

What holy what –they ask who dispense time and attention to this outpouring Sunday– coming to the fore here and now precisely the fiesta brava? To holy that the commander will enculillaba be rechiflado, as were the presidents that, without fear of ridicule, apersonaban in the arenas of Caracas, Valencia, Maracay, Mérida and San Cristobal, to see the adulantes shadow and be seen by the crowd of sun to enjoy the fighting, in which probably were a little versed and that is why it did accompany a understood that they indicate when and why you shout ¡olé! The fear of the avenger of the three roots, it tasted like glory to the humane Society you pressed your key hispanofóbica –bullfighting is an atavism colonial– in order to exclude runs of the popular festivities. The new man must love animals! As st. Francis of Assisi. Or Nicholas, of holy, nothing!, but pia, gurgles, growls, roars, neighs on the ridge, cacarea and, above all, rebuzna with them in the council of ministers.

The issue is that the new man aged of hunger and the future he became a burden too heavy to carry it in tow with an empty stomach. There was No other to go back to the past… and the circus! So today, prior permission of the authority shift, and if the weather prevents it, not ending the war exercises, which began yesterday, in charge of the large company, military and circus of the general Sponsor. The russians, who did the Circus of Moscow embassy travelling for the display of his theatrical and olympic virtuosity, and, of step, probing into the internal affairs of the countries visited, could not fail to keep an appointment as scheduled for this Sunday. They just don’t attend with their acrobats, clowns, apes, motorcyclists, and dwarf-giant; not, their performance will be reduced to the exhibition of a weapon of dubious effectiveness deterrent, to object that the tendril Nicholas –what a bullfighter lounge or emulator of Kim Jong-un?– we fill the mouth, by affirming, full of children’s happy, that «Venezuela has built a military fortress next to Russia in view of the threat of imperialist». How much we will be costing the opaque cahoots with the greedy bear slavic? This and other questions raised by the merry red and olive green will be in the air, as they have been, Conatel through, the interference caused by the revelations of Luisa Ortega.

On the 27th of August is not a date either; not for an oil producing country, because such a day as this, in 1859 –the same year, what a coincidence!, in it was synthesized for the first time, the cocaine, a joy for that in the narcocúpula provide for it, cheers comrades!–, Edwin Drake discovered that the hydrocarbon industry is considered the first oil well in the world. There arises here a new question: why instead of estropearles Sunday, putting them to sweat, to barrigones brewers that can’t be your soul or with the Kalashnikov, not scheduled events associated with the activity that gives us to eat? Activity to which the former tovarichs will have the eye with one foot in the Orinoco belt, and a claw within Citgo. We walk by what is seen of little hands caught up with Putin and the mafia post-soviet and that raises another question that has nothing to do with the war, but, supposedly, with peace: how in the hell believes the secretary of State of the Holy see, cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Russian Federation can mediate impartially in a dialogue between the government and the opposition?

There are several unknowns without clear he leaves behind his staging of this comedy woven with the purpose of distracting the attention of the citizen of the ills of a country sick with anger and despair; anger at the grotesque staged by half a thousand automatons levantamanos, ¡approved!, that at the request of the contortionist Rodriguez and the fact Aristonauta –both very cute in their finery of silk, dancing to the rhythm that touches the bellaco Odebrecht and dances, oh, hearken, take a swing!, the Nureyev of the sauce, sanctioned by unanimity and acclamation, ignoring prisoner and content, decisions already taken by the axis, The Havana-Caracas; and if the eyesore stirs up anger in the citizenry, it is natural that this despair compared to the dispersion of the purposes of an opposition strategically lagged to a government that up to step of victors towards the consolidation of your project dictatorial and guardianship of a society in which the nonsense will prevail over the reason, a society, I guess, dystopian, marked by poverty as a binding factor in around the promise of a dawn that never will break out; a collectivity, in short, installed in a territory in ruins, you will have to provide increasingly circus because every time there will be less bread. On that dark morning, perhaps inspired by a film of atmosphere posapocalíptica, Mad Max: Fury road (George Miller, 2015) and under the influence of late a novel, good-Bye Miss Venezuela (Francisco Suniaga, 2016), imagine competitions to reward not the most beautiful women, according to the aesthetic imposed by a «bourgeoisie racist and exclusionary», but to the fighters more interesting –and interesting is the surname of ugly, I once told a musician, a brazilian, whose «beauty inside» translates to eternal love to the commander and submission to those who will endiosaron, turned into high priests of the new religion. Televised on life sentence for cheek by jowl and misérrima hearing, the hierarchs of the supreme court, shamelessly dressed in robes scarlet, they shall give their verdict in favor of plump fighters. It would be a show of unprecedented and much more attractive than the deplorable rhythmic gymnastics of soldiers and militiamen armed with the card of the country which, touched in red berets, train to face of frame-up-frame-up to the green berets of the U. S. Army Special Forces. And the russians… ¡olé!

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