The story of Bruno, the dog key in the investigation for the crime … – (press Release)

Is called Bruno, is a breed dog Weimaraner 4 years old, which belongs to the brigade canine of the Municipality of Escobar, and his fame transcends the limits of that district. This weekend, it was key in the investigation for the crime of Anahí, and it was not his first time.

Prosecutors, police officers and even politicians in the area of buenos aires, and also from other provinces, seeking to give with people. And in the case of the crime of Anahí was the one who scored last night the trace of the teenager of 16 years in the box of the estate of Santa Catalina, which is close to the railway station Rock, just 300 metres from where they found the dead body of the girl of 16 years last Friday.

«By order of the prosecutors went to the place with a dog that is trained and made a expertise of odor pure. The animal sniffed the clothes of Anahí and when released at the place of discovery was entitled to this house,» indicated the sources when they talked about how Bruno helped last night in the cause.

And to think that this Weimaraner came to their trainers accident: «had given away to a friend and, as she could not have, gave it to me,» says Raquel Peralta, instructor’s canine and a couple of Diego Tula, the guide of Bruno.

«I took another dog to a association where captain Nestor Paez of the Scientific Police of the province of buenos Aires we saw something special to Bruno and, along with Mario Rosilla, specialist in Odorología examiner of the Ministry of Security of Flows, are prepared to trace the criminal,» recalls Rachel to Clarín.

So Bruno became the only dog certified in the province of Buenos Aires for trail specific. What does this mean? «There are dogs trained in finding narcotics, or of gunpowder, or that is, only those smells, always the same. In contrast, the trace-specific searches for what you do smell in the moment», explained to Clarín from the ministry of Security of Escobar, in charge of Graciela Cunial and who created the brigade canine in that district a year ago and a half.

«The smell of people is unique, like a fingerprint. That’s why, when we are looking for someone going to the house, we take something that has only his scent is pure, without pollution, and that is kept in a jar or ziploc bag to process it with heat, and as well highlight it. Only then will we make the transfer to Bruno», explains this journal Diego Tula, the guide of Bruno.

And details of extreme heat or rain is not a climatic condition suitable for the dog to work; that, in general, can be made between two or three crawls shorts by day and with the barking he points out what he found: «it Is as if we were a single person.»

Bruno, Raquel, and Diego Tula came to work in the municipality of Escobar makes a year and a half and, since then, the couple trains to the other four dogs of the brigade to search for traces, but not of people but of arms, materials and munitions. There are four ovejeros germans, Sheiko, Merlin, Estephan and Boris; and a labrador, Candy.

Just, yesterday it did it in Escobar international competition of the Federation Cynologique Argentina participated in the brigade canine local and the French judge Vincent Solare awarded to Bruno for his great work in the people search. «What have the request of various municipalities: Baradero, San Fernando, the other day they called us Three February a boy lost and until we have contacted Santa Fe», said Cunial.

The Weimaraner, who already has three years of training, the award came just in a weekend pretty moved. Is that the Saturday night he participated in the burglary in the house of Llavallol of professor of mathematics Leonardo Agostino (40), the first suspect that was the case Anahí, but his work gave negative: not found traces of the teenager in that property.

Then, he was in the competence of the canes, and from thence departed again to Lomas de Zamora. The work of Bruno was key in the area of Santa Catalina where he appeared Anahí killed. It was he who marked the trail of the teenager in the box where he was detained a second suspect, identified as Marcos Esteban Bazán, of 34 years. (Clarin)

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