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The City council confirmed the space where the company will build an animal shelter and the protective local will be able to provide coverage to about 300 dogs.

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Members of OBA were featured for their work on the theme

The mayor Carmelo Vidalín confirmed that this is an area that has «a total of 10,000 square meters, properly fenced and isolated from the surrounding area, with dog runs of safety to comply with some regulations and dog runs common, in addition of open spaces that will allow for the care of about 300 dogs».
«Also planned is the installation of a medical service for surgeries and treatments, a space for the caregivers, who have there their function, and some other details on which they are working, between them, a cemetery for pets, which will be managed by the protection organizations that are working in the city,» he added.


«It is a space in which we are trying to put the best actions. We were looking at with the engineer Raúl Montero, the director of Works, the terrain where we will be raising the infrastructure, close to route 14, where was the old dump,» said the vet Homer Cabanas, a consultant on Animal Welfare of the Municipality.
«We are working in partnership with the Rehabilitation Centre, and those inmates who have good behavior will be part of the staff that will cater to the dogs in the shelter,» said Vidalín during the interview. «Of course, a fundamental role will be members of OBA, this wonderful organization for years is working in the responsible ownership and welfare of the animals that are abandoned, many times, in deplorable conditions, which I have respect and admiration for his noble task,» he added.
«It is a haven grande, which seeks to unify in a same site all the organizations that are working on the issue of protection. The installation of dog runs security will allow allegations of abuse, neglect or aggression can be taken into account to provide the necessary care to the people and the animals involved,» he said.

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«The project is in full swing, we did surveys of the land and apparently it would be viable to bring forward the same without major difficulties. It is advancing little by little and there is material to recycle, some from the exzoológico, other agreements with the Army, which will make the blocks for the perimeter fence, and with labour city,» said Cabanas.
«The next week is expected the leveling of the ground and starts the construction of the facility, fencing and dog runs. The constructions will surely be lighter, because the terrain requires it and, in short, to be able to have this service», added the advisor.

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