The Justice suspended a cockfight in Garza – Nuevo Diario de Santiago del Estero

The event was scheduled for yesterday in a tenement on calle Belgrano. The complaint of a protector of animals led to the judicial intervention.


prosecutor Celia Mussi, yesterday ordered the suspension of a cockfight that was to take place in the town of Garza, department of Sarmiento, and the closing of the local which would give concrete expression to the event. Consequently, personnel of the police Station 38th moved up to the place, located on Belgrano without number, and evicted all the people who were in the place and where it would play a lot of money during the clash of the poultry.
The organizers and the owners of the roosters were breaking the law 14.346 for the protection of animals.
The procedure of the police and judiciary was finalized after neighbors of Garza communicate with the president of the non-governmental organization “Animal Life”, Elma Mansilla, who filed the complaint telephone. When the prosecutor Mussi took knowledge about the truthfulness of the fact, that she decided immediately the closing of the local and the suspension of the event.
Mansilla said that the cockfight is an “exploitation of the animal.” In this sense, he argued that he thought he had gained ground in the last few years about this activity that causes abuse in this type of animals, but cases such as that of Garza make you rethink that there is a long way to go to achieve a true respect for the life of the animals.
The environmentalist stressed the immediate intervention of Justice that are not concrete events of this type that only seek to cause harm in animals. “It all has to do with the education of the people,” said Mansilla.
Police sources revealed that the authority of the Public Prosecutor’s office ordered that are identified to the organisers and the court case is in march for violating the animal protection law 14.346.

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