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Image caption Arsenal will officially start their season next Sunday in the Super cup English versus Chelsea.

This is a typical example of the kind of images that is causing the angry reaction from animal lovers.

While two hunters u.s. open passage between the bushes of the african savannah with arms in their shoulders, their conversation emphasizes the risk they are running and highlights the danger they face.

«This is not a game. These are the cats very powerful. They don’t think of anything else that would kill a human».

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Image caption Trophy hunters argue that they contribute to the conservation of animals in danger of extinction.

After days of «boredom», the two hunters manage to find the trail of one of the «big five», stalk and kill.

«You gotta come here!», listen, while they congratulate each other giving themselves pats on the back for having made it with a shot, «fast, clean, and human.»

«We have an african lion», they say with pride.

Scenes like this, in addition to other hunting birds and sport fishing, can be seen now in the Uk through a new app, which was launched last year in the united States and that in the coming months will reach other countries in which English is spoken, such as Australia, New Zealand and south Africa.

The driver behind it is the us billionaire Stan Kroenke, owner of the English football club Arsenal, which is looking to expand its channel of hunting MOTV to an international audience.

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Image caption Stan Kroenke is a businessman who has created his fortune in the world of sports and entertainment.

This has led to a wide rejection against the project by a large number of fans gunboats and organizations defending the rights of animals, that they are even calling for a boycott against the club days to the official start of the season next Sunday.

Arsenal faces Chelsea for the Supercup English before their first match in the Premier League on Friday, the 11th of August.

Hunting, shooting, fishing

Other videos on the site are even more disturbing, showing animals that were wounded with spears and arrows, wandering around the forest before they die.

Although this type of images occupying a lower percentage in the schedule, are the ones that attract the most in proportion of the whole supply of MOTV.

In the united States, for example, the majority of the videos are about hunting white tail deer and other species that traditionally have served as prey in the american culture.

Copyright of the image MOTV
Image caption The channel is looking to expand to an audience more international, with a focus on the tastes of each market in which it arrives.

Simon Barr, group, Outdoor Sportsman, the company in charge of the application, explained that the goal is to target content on the basis of their appeal to the audiences of each country.

«There will be fishing, shooting and hunting relevant to Uk», as well as to other markets.

The platform also offers cooking programs that are taught to prepare the meat of wild animals.

«Own goal»

The channel is owned by Kroenke and his conglomerate of companies, sports and entertainment, among which is Arsenal.

From there its launch on british territory have been generated by the conviction of the advocates of the rights of the animals that consider this to be a hobby, «cruel», which only looks for the morbid curiosity of the people.

Barr thinks that this perception is erroneous, since the videos of hunters and animals are available openly on the internet and that supply of them is difference because this is quality material.

«It is guaranteed that any game that appears there is made from an ethical and legal manner,» said the manager.

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Image caption Fans of Arsenal were already upset with Kroenke for sporting reasons to be left out of the Champions League.

However, the position of MOTV is not shared by the group League Against the Sports Cruel (LACS, for its acronym in English).

«We believe that Kroenke is disconnected from what most people think, «said Chris Pitt, director of policy and communication of the organization for the protection of animals.

«We’re not in the days of the past in which the hunters went out to kill an elephant and then placed his head on the wall.»

«For someone in his position this is an own goal,» said Pitt.


Some of the people who contributed to the content of MOTV describe themselves as conservationists, reviving a tense debate about whether sport hunting can be a pathway ethics to raise funds for the protection of animals.

Copyright of the image Reuters
Image caption The death of the lion, Cecil, and his son Xanda, generated a debate about the validity of the trophy hunters in the benefit of the conservation of animals.

«Hunting contributes significant dollars to the conservation, and it is absolutely one of the driving forces behind to keep some of these endangered species alive. That is very important,» said Barr.

While the organization WWF accepts the trophy hunters «in a limited number of contexts where it is culturally appropriate, legal, and regulated effectively,» which «should clearly demonstrate the benefits of conservation and community,» Pitt believes that is not able to have a positive effect.

«That is what I come saying for years, but there are more and more studies that show that that is not what is happening,» he lamented.

While the controversy continues to be expected as the scope of the so-called fans to boycott the start of the season at the club, a crucial year for the future of a team that will not play Champions League for the first time after almost 20 years.

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