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The majority of those invited to the so-called Front for Puerto Rico, raised their hand today to advocate for the island in Washington, but there was no shortage of criticism direct to the Board’s Fiscal Oversight (JSF) and the fear that the stack will transcend the agendas of political partisan.

“My recommendation is that the message is clear. The crisis is shared. The united states has a responsibility on this crisis,” said the former governor and former commissioner resident in Washington, Anibal Acevedo Vilá, in his turn during the first meeting of this body is performed in the Antiguo Casino in Old San Juan.

Immediately, Acevedo Vilá pointed out to the members of the JSF. He said that it was imperative that they also join in the effort today took shape.

“It is sad to say, but it’s possible that they (the Board) listen to them more than to all of us,» Acevedo Vila said.

In a meeting with the press, the governor Ricardo Rosselló, who was the manager of the Front for Puerto Rico, acknowledged the interference by the entity, federal in charge of the finances of Puerto Rico.

“I think that the claim is valid,” said the first agent.

Rossello began the meeting, convened by 79 people, according to a list provided by The Fortress, at about 10:30.m.

Input, the governor posited that the stack was left to one side the ideas and partisan politics and that the effort would focus on three areas: health, achieve to include Puerto Rico in the tax reform federal, and promote the recommendations of the Task Force created through the federal law that PROMISE.

Rossello looks to the Front by Puerto Rico, a single voice advocating in Washington for benefits for the island. Even so, during the meeting there were the voices of unbelief.

For example, senators Eduardo Bhatia and José Vargas Vidot emphasized that the differences in the other subjects should be out of the question, and the policy should not be the north.

“To me, it makes me extremely uncomfortable to enter an office where they come out of the seven members of the Commission of Equality,” said Bhatia. Vargas Vidot said that «part of the doubt.»

One of the first to arrive at the event was the trader and excandidato independent of the governor, Manuel Cidre.

We followed the president of the Popular Democratic Party, Héctor Ferrer; the former governor Sila Calderón; Luisa Acevedo, president of the Foundation Homes for the Workers; the president of the Association of Industrialists, Rodrigo Masses; Alexandra Lúgaro, excandidata independent of the governor; the president of the College of Lawyers of Puerto Rico, Alejandro Torres Rivera; and the president of the Association of Hotels and Tourism of Puerto Rico, Clarisa Jiménez.

At about 9:30.m. when you should have started the meeting, still remained empty chairs intended for guests at the Old Casino of Puerto Rico.

At 10:10.m. it announced the arrival of the governor, who greeted all those present. Minutes before did the same to the commissioner resident in Washington, Jenniffer González.

The governor began the event by explaining the purpose of the meeting and making it clear that there would be space for all to be heard.

“In essence, is to see how we recognize, see if we can land on a few principles that we grouped together and allow us to have forces in what I believe are major challenges for Puerto Rico. In essence, how can we get out of here with a single voice. Other matters we can address in other forums,” he said.

Immediately, he warned that the status issue would not be on the discussion table in the Front by Puerto Rico, recognizing that on this issue there is consensus.

The list of guests, artists & Fortress, was composed by political and religious figures, government officials, entrepreneurs, community leaders, trade unions and the community LGBTT. Precisely, these last three lines had less participation.

By the community LGBTT said this at the event, Cecilia Light, a member of the Advisory Council of Affairs of that sector. By the union the only was Gerson Guzman, the president of the General Union of Workers. Of the third sector, include Carmen Villanueva, the Coordinator of Coalition of Community Leaders, Luis Crespo, of the Alliance of Community Leaders and Olga Villa, a community leader of the Following Workshops.

Among the participants also highlighted more than a dozen members of the governor’s cabinet. Among them, the representative of the government before the Board’s Fiscal Oversight, Christian the Nephew; the secretary of Public Affairs of The Fortress, Ramon Rosario Cortés; secretary of the Interior, William Villafañe; the associate secretary of the Governorate, Itza Garcia; the secretary of State, Luis Gerardo Rivera Marín, Omar Marrero, executive director of the Ports Authority and the secretary of the Treasury, Raul Maldonado.

The governor apologized to the president of the Senate, Thomas Rivera Schatz, who was not present at the gather.

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