the protective Assistance to the Animal Community gave note of a … – News from Saladillo

He added: “we See that you have jam-packed animals to the municipal shelter and do not allow us to neuter,” said Carolina Di Benedetto to this medium.

For its part, Claudia Lissa said: “This we do is ad honoren anyone can see that I’m on my bike, with baskets of food to feed the street. At home I have 10 dogs adopted».

Referring to the municipal shelter said: «The famous Apple Perez to that I don’t have the bad taste to know not let us enter the shelter, and the neighbors tell us that the night you hear the dogs cry».

and he added: «I want to clarify that a community is a dog on the street that has two syndromes: the hunger and abandonment.
Fortunately I also have a purebred dog by the many times I was criticized and thanks to an advertisement that I did with him to a factory of food most of the vaguitos eat”

There is also an ordinance in 2000, which clearly stated that any animal that is found in the way the pubic will be neutered and delivered to the association for the protection that he had at that time, and neither is true.

To finish clarified: The dogs community I have to charge have a health book and are vaccinated.

Carolina also noted that the disclaimer made in the social networks by Lucas Gorosito representative of Adóptame this out of place and not applicable since they have different ways of working because Adoptame raises money for the dogs in the shelter.

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