The Protective collected until the month of June, almost 900 animals … – Andalucia Information

Some dogs came from the puppies to the shelter and crossed the rainbow without having known another home, or another family that volunteers and workers

Have attended untotal 877-pets, while has been given up for adoption 662 this first half

Demand control of the breeding mills, kennels or zulos of hunters and breeding indiscriminately

Advocate for the administration to pay for their task as a service more

It is an evil that does not cease. The abandonment of animals leaves of new figures of vertigo in Malaga, as Well, at the end of the first half of the year, the Society for the protection of Animals and Plants of Malaga (Spapm), has gathered in its facilities a total of 877 animals and has given in adoption, 662, according to Live Malaga to the president of the colectivom, Carmen Manzano Rodriguez.

However, Apple noted that, “unfortunately, have died in the Shelter 21 dogs and 11 cats” and has been applied to euthanize eight dogs and many other cats. The president of the Protective lamented the fact that cats. some of them “came from the pups to the shelter and crossed the rainbow without having known another home, or another family that volunteers and workers”. It also regrets that some have been abandoned already over even though its last years, “the shared with us.”

In the Protective Malaga have been rcogido also from January to June, 46 animals of other species, like gulls or pigeons, once healthy, have been ringed and released.
Apple emphasizes that the work of the Protective malaga is “a social work very important, that up to the couple of new sensibilities on animal welfare, but that having regard to the level of abandonment and, above all, of litters that are left, “sometimes you have the feeling of wanting to empty the sea with a thimble”. That is why it estimates that “it cannot be that you keep abandoning litters continuously, which does not control the breeding mills, kennels or zulos of hunters, as well as the rehalas, where it was breeding indiscriminately”

That is why they complain that every time the Police or Civil Guard involved animals end up in the protective, “who assume the costs and suffer from a lack of space for helping those poor animals, which in their vast majority are in such a state that they require veterinary treatment in the dog kennels or centres animal health do not give”. As well, demand that the administration “should start to get used to assess this provision and to pay equal to that paid by the rest of the services”.

Among the most urgent measures to cosneguir the abandonment of zero (which is what “would lead to the sacrifice of zero”), it is proposed that the comprehensive control of kennels and zulos of hunters and rehalas “since more than 80% of the dogs in the shelter are hunting dogs”; not to grant licences for opening of pet shops, except for the sale of feed and plug-ins; control chip; the federations of hunting provide to the administration the number of members and dogs; spay / neuter campaigns, both colonies of cats as of dogs home, promoting competitive prices; sterilization of all animals that are given up for adoption, as is done in the protective, and is currently done in the animal Health City of Malaga; a record of neglect and that it does not allow adoption of animals that have been abandoned or carried on litters, and allegations of trade.

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