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The humane Society bought a truck with input from the Program Compaction

After that the municipal president Enrique Cremnant to carry out the delivery of the contributions of the Program of Compaction, the institutions benefited, the humane Society of Concord purchased a truck to support the solidarity work that they do.

“Any help is always welcome, and this contribution is destined to something very important that we were fighting a long time ago and had not been able to get, that is the purchase of a vehicle that will be used to deal with emergencies and attend cases sometimes we can not by the lack of mobility,” said Ana Maria Aldá, president of the Protective Association of Animals of Concordia.

When the mayor Enrique Cremnant informed them that they were going to be one of the three institutions of the city beneficiaries of the program, received the news “with great pride”, said Aldá. Then, “we think of this possibility”, the acquisition of an own vehicle, and confirmed the amount they would receive, “then we define this, which is something very necessary.”

The other institutions that received the contributions generated by the Program are the Rehabilitation Centre of People with Addictions “John XXIII” and the Association of ASD Parents Concord. The National Programme of Decontamination, Compaction and Final Disposal of Automotive (PRONACOM), is a national program of the Ministry of Security articulated through the Municipality, through which they generate financial resources that are intended for institutions and NGOS in each city in which it is carried forward


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