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The Protective Association of Animals TAMA ratified that is not admitting more dogs in the Home who has charge of, and that is not going to continue to do so because they cannot cope and to take decisions more background to reverse the overpopulation canine in El Calafate.

“The solution to the problem of overpopulation canine does not depend on whether TAMA opens or not the shelter to get more dogs. We do not want them entering dogs, we want to find the solution on the other side,” said Gabriela Aguilera, one of the referents of the protective.

His statements were in response to those of the city clerk, Omar Gallardo, who stated that the intention of the Municipality is to implement again the kennel but argued that there can be for not having a place available to leave the dogs captured.

Aguilera refuted the sayings of the officer saying that they can not be attributed this situation to the decision of TAMA not to admit more dogs in the shelter.

To the protective association the solution to the problem has to be based on four points of support: the patenting or registration required all dogs, the campaigns of castration and sterilization, the application of heavy fines to those who do not respect the ordinances, and shares awareness and education on responsible pet ownership.

These guidelines are not being met in a coordinated manner and sustained over time, but as a reaction to the complaint of neighbors. “When people gripe in the media on the subject of dogs there you start to do something, but in reality what you do is you have to keep in constant shape”.

Also said to be in total disagreement with any kind of euthanasia for the purposes of reducing the dog population. “That people do not believe it solves the problem by killing the dogs. That would be to create a society quite insensitive that it does not take awareness of what is going on and that it does not assume the responsibility,” said Aguilera.

“Although kill 200 dogs, if we do not begin to work from the ground up with education, spay / neuter, licensing, fine, in five years we will have the same amount of dogs,” remarked the member of TAMA.

Since a decade ago the association for the protection of animals performs activities in El Calafate. For Aguilera what we’re seeing now is the moment in which they see greater dog population in the town. (Now, Calafate)

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