The tender letter from a baby to a rescuer to take care of your … – Radio Mitre

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September 6, 2017

Children often demonstrate a much greater awareness than their parents. “My parents did not want it because it is not original,” wrote Jasmine while asked to take care of Cristalita and say “I want”.

The tender letter from a baby to a rescuer to take care of your ... - Radio Mitre 1

Hello, my name is Jasmine and she is Cristalita, you had to leave your door because I was told that you take care of animals that do not have a home and she is not going to be because my parents do not want it, because it is not original. As my dad and mom want to pull better you leave it to not pass cold and have food. I can’t take care of her, I Only have 7 years and I don’t give a lot of recreation for your food, take care a lot please, I’ll leave you 8 pesos and tell her that I want to”, said the handwritten letter that accompanied the box left at the door of Naly Ramirez, a woman known by the community by managing an animal shelter.

The story of Jasmine and Cristalita was released on Facebook and it happened in Baja California. The little cub was found by Naly, who commented: “this has struck me too that children are often more aware than us adults”.

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