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According to the American Temperament Test Society, 86.8% of these dogs came to spend the test where you measure your stability, your aggressiveness, your kindness and your protection, and only 80.1 % of collies have passed this test.

There is a lot of controversy between if you breed dogs pitbull are aggressive. The comments have emerged from experiences of their own, when raised as a pet or as a guardian animal, even of fight.

Putting another pan and leaving the experiences of others. It is important to know the history of this dog, which although it is very tried and adored, his origin was not very pleasant.

For what they were used

For more than two thousand years ago, this race was not what is now in terms of appearance, strength and skills. It all began when the romans obtained the victory over the britons, the roman emperor was so impressed by the power of those dogs, which he ordered to carry specimens to the capital, to employ them in the arenas and coliseums in fights to the death against other animals or people.

During the centuries X and XVII, increased entertainment in which dogs fought against bulls in Europe. Doing to the grandparents of the current pitbull very well known, for the spectacle it presented.

Also extended its use for the work among the butchers, who used them to have still the cattle while the marked fire, or to tire out and weaken the bull more angry.

The usual thing at that time was to pit dogs against bulls or bears, but it was also very abundant for a time, do to fight the dog from jaguars or other big cats of good size.

The sad history of the breed pitbull - Your Doctor 1

Crosses of breeds

Given the nature of its use, it was necessary for the dog to have greater agility, so they began to cross with some breeds Terrier, in order to give you speed and vivacity. However it is not reproduced, too, as there were frequent fights between dogs and jaguars.

In 1835, the British Parliament passed a law banning these bloody fights that used to dogs. However the people wanted to continue watching blood run, so came the competitions where it was then released the dog into a pit full of rats, and counting the rats that could kill the dog in a certain time.

For this type of competitions were used Terriers, but also the old-type dogs Pitbull that had been crossed with Terriers.

Why is it called a Pitbull?

The full name of the pit Bull is the current “American Pitbull Terrier”. Since the type dogs “Bull” were the ones that were used during the fights against bulls and bears (regardless of the race, was the generic name).“Pit” means a pit or trench, so that assumes that you were introduced to the use to powers to kill rats. “Terrier” refers to mixing between Bulls with Terriers for more agility.

Why American, if it was in England that arises?

The reason of adding American, is for immigrants seeking a future in a new continent. In EE.UU appeared two institutions canine, dedicated to register new breeds.

  • American Kennel Club (Is Institution refused to register it as a race, to be used for the use of dog fighting. When you finally accept that it was registered as “American Stanffordshire Terrier, to avoid the association into a fighting dog)
  • United Kennel Club (The Institution if it registered as an American pit Bull Terrier)

Years later, the first association I recognize the race, while the second and the ADBA (American Dog Breeders) developed the standards of the current American pit Bull Terrier.

The Pitbull became the flagship of EE.USA during the war years after. It helps for the battles, saving the lives of soldiers, sent messages and discovered the enemy troops before the soldiers themselves, even awarded several medals of valor to the Pitbull.

The breed is not accepted in all countries

This type of breed is judged in the present by different countries like for example:

Australia prohibits the importation of the Pitbull and force all the copies existing in the country to be castrated in an attempt to eliminate slowly the population.

In Malta it is illegal and in case of holding the person responsible will be judged and will sacrifice the pet.

In Venezuela require you to be registered and must remain in captivity.

Spain, Colombia and Chile and considered to be the pit Bull terrier a Dog Potentially Dangerous (PPP) and his tenure is underway to obtain a license, a civil liability insurance for that pet as well as the use of muzzle and leash in public spaces.

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