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The recent attacks by packs of dogs in some areas of the city, the human is the reflection of the lack of culture of animal welfare and the resounding failure of the policy of the centers of Dog Control, said the protective independent of animals, Bathsheba Torres Palomino.

The activist spoke for a culture of zero dogs in the street and if the option is the capture of canes you will have to return to it always and when they comply with the provisions so as not to put at risk the life and integrity of human.

In necessary, he argued, is to return to new projects is not killing or sterilization means, which have been a failure; it is clear that the current program of care an animal not served, “human life is above that of an animal, even if it hurts deep in the soul, but I want to see animals healthy and in a good state”.

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Torres Palomino put forward that there will be a return to the old patterns of capture of dogs, “like who you like, the government will have to fajarse the pants, the municipal government and the state, or having real Centers of Canine Control on where you practice animal welfare”.
It is important that the authorities take this part and do not commit resources to campaigns promoted by actor Eugenio Derbez, who have not given results in their role, as well as the assistant attorney general’s office of Animal Protection, he said.

Generally considered that the main problem is the lack of a culture of animal welfare to have animals or pets in good physical condition and health, “the government themselves to be manipulated by personalities or people who say they are animal protectors that prevent the true purpose for which they were created centres-rabies or other spaces of animal care”.

He stressed that once eradicated canine rabies in the municipality and in other of the entity you forgot about other issues integral to animal welfare, as it is the feed dog, but it is time to rethink measurements.

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He reiterated that the most important thing is to safeguard the well-being of the people; fortunately the attacks recorded in the town have not been fatal.
“We forget the vaccination itself of the animals, nutrition, lack of food; the canes are irrational, but if you have need of hunger, as they are social animals are grouped in herds, don’t know if it’s a human or not.”

By instinct, he said, the dogs tend to attack if someone enters their territory, especially if it is unknown or alien, will defend ourselves, a situation which is not liable to any person or neighbor.

He reiterated that the government’s policies have failed and it is time to return to new projects is not killing, therefore invited government, civil associations, animal welfare, legal, associations of professionals and toluqueños in general to be retrained in the way of the treatment of animals and promote the culture of well-being; we need education, not passion.

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