The curiosities left over from the Solar Eclipse 2017 – The Universe

The moon masked the sun on Monday in the first total eclipse in nearly a century that could be observed in the two coasts of the united States, where millions of people looked on in amazement at the sky through goggles, telescopes and cameras.

The first total eclipse in a century that toured the united States from coast to coast has inspired proposals of marriage, promoted family gatherings and work breaks to witness, with amazement, that one of the phenomena most rare of the cosmos.


Animals in the zoo react to the solar eclipse

As the sky was getting dark in the Nashville zoo, the crickets and other animals began to make noise, but when the Sun was totally covered, the humans overshadowed the animals with their applause and their shouts of astonishment at the almost two-minute-long total solar eclipse.

The two giraffes young people, Mazi 6 months of age and Nasha 3 years, started to run in circles while the people watched the eclipse. The rhinos were the most confused among all the animals. The flamingos are curled up together, but the caregivers said that they did not know if the animals were scared by the eclipse or by the noise of the crowd.

The curiosities left over from the Solar Eclipse 2017 - The Universe 1

The Space Station did photo bomb

Along with the Moon and some of sunspots, the International Space Station made an appearance, what they call a cameo, in terms of television, in front of the Sun. If you looked very closely at the images, I could see.

Record of eclipses

«It is an event absolutely amazing, a kind of explosion of sensory», according to a hunter of eclipses, Fred Espenak, of 65 years and who has witnessed 20 eclipses, although he has lived for 27 of these phenomena, mind that the weather spoiled the other times. The first thing he saw in the united States in 1970.

The curiosities left over from the Solar Eclipse 2017 - The Universe 2

The best view

But perhaps the best place to watch the phenomenon is out of this world: astronauts orbiting the Earth aboard the International Space Station also documented the eclipse and they had three occasions to see him.

«My first solar eclipse from the space (…) We are ready,» wrote the astronaut, the Italian Paolo Nespoli.

The curiosities left over from the Solar Eclipse 2017 - The Universe 3

The challenge of Donald Trump in the Sun

Appeared on the balcony of the White House with his wife Melania and their son Barron, and soon after leaving the gantry, the american president Donald Trump entrecerró eyes and looked at the sky. “Don’t look!”, yelled a worker.

Trump then put on the goggles, and raised his thumbs in signal passing.

The curiosities left over from the Solar Eclipse 2017 - The Universe 4

Full coverage

NASA provided a special device to be at the height of the event: 11 spacecraft, 50 balloons, and three aircraft were deployed to study the phenomenon, which was broadcast in its entirety on the website of the government agency of aeronautics.

Music of eclipse

The excitement over the astronomical event led to the song «Total Eclipse of the Heart» of Bonnie Tyler to the first place among the downloads of the iTunes platform of Apple, 34 years after its release.

A group of cruise line passengers could enjoy the solar eclipse while Bonnie Tyler performed her hit «Total Eclipse of the Heart». The singer welsh was accompanied by the band of Joe Jonas, DNCE, in his interpretation of the Monday afternoon in an outdoor theater on the cruise ship Oasis of the Seas Royal Caribbean.

«Total Eclipse of the Heart» dominated the charts of Billboard for four weeks in 1983. According to Spotify, the reproductions of the song increased 2.859% in the united States and 827% worldwide in the last two weeks. (E)

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