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Gabriela Brito, councillor of the canton of Cuenca, is a passionate for the animals that currently seeks to protect them by an ordinance which was presented in the Council of the Canton of this city.

From girl Gabriela already took care of the animals. For example, the dogs that roamed alone in the street protected them and gave them food.

Today has not lost that spirit and those willing to care for them. His mother, Emilia, and his sister, Adriana, have become the “accomplices” of the work.

In your house has a small shelter with capacity for six dogs. Some were rescued from the tracks.

“My life has been taking care of them, but it also needs the support of the citizens.”

On his last trip to Peru, as he was passing through the border, he found Joy, a dog on the verge of death.

He was malnourished, thirsty, homeless and ill-kept. Brito took her in their trip and return to Cuenca no longer wanted to be separated from her.

“Joy is a symbol of how badly they have treated the animals. We are taking care of and returning life.”

To defend the animals, from the Council, Cantonal, has obtained a lot of resistance from people who are against your project. He has even received threats.

But does not give his arm to twist. Believes that it is the best opportunity to put a stop to animal abuse.

“They are beings that want to live in, therefore we’re not going to abandon them”. (I)


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