Launched the campaign for «Firestorm Zero» in Inns – First Edition S. A (press Release) (Registration)

The annoyance generated by the explosions of the fireworks led to the accession of several social groups for preparation of the project; the most affected are children with autism in its various levels, the pets and in particular dogs, the ex-combatants of the Malvinas, and people with psychiatric conditions.

Volunteers of the Civil Association, The Animal Shelter commented on the FIRST EDITION that there was a meeting with all interested parties, including entrepreneurs dedicated to the pyrotechnics. “In the meeting we had involving the protective and other associations, besides traders, could not reach an agreement because, obviously, the implementation of an ordinance of this type would affect the sales and it is understandable that you take care of your source of employment. What is suggested is to use alternatives that are silent, but that means another investment, and social custom,” explained Vanessa Florentín, a member of the protective.

Not arrive at anything concrete between all those involved in the meeting held in the city Council, the advance of the Pyrotechnics Zero in Posadas seemed to not find a feasible way, but this year the various groups have made it a goal to take it forward and present it to be treated in a session. “In Argentina there are many municipalities that adhere to ordinances that hinder the use of the fireworks, approximately 25 in different parts of the country and in Missions in places such as Montecarlo, Eldorado and Iguazu have made much progress in the treatment of the subject,” said Florentín.

Harmful effects

In regard to the Autism FIRST EDITION spoke with the Association Blue Hope made up by parents struggling for the shelter and awareness about Autism, PDD and Asperger’s Missions; one of his references Sergio Baldi clarified that on the theme “there are oppositions the most extreme, have a resolution of these features in Posadas is very difficult to achieve. It would be great to have a legal ban on the pyrotechnics, but how do you monitor compliance?”.

On the measures that should be taken to take care of the harmful effect that can cause the noises of the fireworks, Baldi recommended that it is best to “the education in society, to achieve that which you want to buy rocket in small quantities for household use do but set limits so they don’t affect the rest (such as use of large fireworks in the city). A law that prohibits this in the rhetoric is very good, in practice I don’t know how they would do to curb such illegal purchases in other locations or in Paraguay, or their use on public holidays”.

In terms of the level of damage that can cause the excess of explosions, in the animals “can come to even the death by heart disease, in addition to those who flee their homes and are lost as a result of fear.” In those with psychological or psychiatric problems may become damaged themselves by failing to recognize what actually happens in your environment with so many lights accompanied by loud noises. “People with autism have sensory issues of different kinds, and the ear tends to be most manifest according to the level you have reached, deep, or in some cases mild. When you feel invaded seeking to confront and they can become a crisis very strong in the face of situations that are beyond their logic,” said Baldi.

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