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NUEVO LAREDO.- Every day more than seven pets dogs and cats are abandoned in Nuevo Laredo, approximately 210 animals per month; most of the canes, which are channeled by the citizenship to the Refuge of the Association for the protection of Animals (APA).

However, given the high rate of abandonment, the place is saturated, so that some pets are left in hopes of obtaining a space in the shelter, reported María Jiménez, president of APA.

Currently, the shelter pet account with 423 animals, of which 315 are dogs, and 105 are felines.

“We ask the citizens that keep on insisting to ask if there is space, because there are many dogs abandoned and no longer have space for them. But as soon as a pet is adopted immediately accept another animal in a state of abandonment,” he said.

In terms of the culture of adoption, said the president of APA for a week at least five pets are adopted, fewer than 10 percent of the abandoned in total per week.

According to the reports of the shelter of the APA, dogs are most vulnerable of suffering from neglect. Mainly since puppies. As we constantly receive litters of dogs newborns.

“Sometimes we believe that they are sons of bitches who live in the street, and we went out to the place where the people mentioned that they found it, to find the mom, that maybe he went out for food. Because they are not always abandoned by the people”, she talked.

To make space for more animals that were abandoned, the APA carries out a campaign of adoption each week on different points of the city, so as to encourage the community to give a home to a pet.

Each time an animal is adopted, you will ask the person for a donation of 100 pesos, as support to the vaccines that the pet received, and that also contributes to help address the needs of the shelter.

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