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mascotas 1 08032017ej 10HERMOSILLO, ARE.- Sonora could become the first state to have specialized agencies of the public ministry to address the animal abuse, reported the deputy David Palafox Celaya.

The legislator reported that he met with the attorney general Rodolfo Montes de Oca and with the representatives of the Coalition Animalistic of Sound to give follow-up to 12 complaints for the crime of animal abuse in the entity.

He said that Montes de Oca offered to collect information from different public ministries of the state to see the status of each complaint for animal abuse.

The important thing, he said, is the commitment of the Attorney that if there is evidence in each case will begin the process of research, to bring them up to the latest consequences, and in case you have items to consign those responsible.

In addition to this commitment to start or conclude the corresponding investigations, «Montes de Oca» was willing to meet the demand of the protectors of animals to establish specialized agencies of the Public Ministry to address animal abuse in Hermosillo and Cajeme.

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The new agency specialized in animal abuse would be attached to the agency specialized in cattle rustling and would be the first of its kind in all of Mexico, said Palafox Celaya.

He said that in order to optimize and streamline the use of resources will be used at the same agency personnel to cattle rustling, to the organisations animal protectors will be given training to be able to hear this type of case.

The deputy Palafox Celaya explained that the theme of the mistreatment of animals also has a component of public safety, because that is scientifically proven by studies criminalísticos that the vast majority of killers of people start first by killing pets.

Coalition for Animal rights in the State of Sonora

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