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After years of struggle, finally succeeded in amending articles of the Law 4840/13. From now on, the person who is violent to an animal, you can go to jail for 2 years. Francesca Crosa said to be satisfied with the progress, but there is still a long way to go.

Days ago was approved by the president Horacio Cartes the amendment of articles 10 and 38 of the Law 4840/13 Protection and Animal Welfare. From the entry into force of the law , people who mistreat animals will be punished with fines and up to two years in prison.

Well, pet owners can be punished for the actions of their animals.

With this implementation, Paraguay becomes the third country in Latin america to exercise this punishment against people who mistreat animals.

A meaningful gift

In coincidence with the arrival of October 4, the day of the animal, this step meant a great gift for those little friends who make us tender company, make us laugh with their antics, and that also make us cry, when we love you so much that we forget that their lives are shorter than ours.

The penalty of two years imprisonment is applicable to people who kill pets for no reason, or for those who abused both physically and psychologically. We also consider the cases of abandonment, breeding and marketing of animals without license or permission, among other actions specified in the law.

A long struggle

The struggle to ensure the animals a legal framework which guarantees protection, food, medical care and a good deal free of cruelty and pain, it has been a long one and comes from years. In the hard road to get to this stage, several have been the referents of the cause, but one of the most well-known, without doubt, is the lady Francesca Crosa, president of the Society for the protection of Animals and Plants of Paraguay (Spapp) a woman who has given a tireless fight since the 90’s, with the firm goal of achieving a law that will protect those friends that are sometimes more noble than those of our species.

Animal law: Despite progress, there is still a long way - ABC Color 1

They say that lack more

In a chat with ABC Color, Francesca says that it is satisfied with the entry into force of the law, but not entirely, because the two-year sentence seems low, considering that it is “excarcelable”, as we said.

“It hurts me that there are five years, honestly. The good thing is that the law is”, said Francesca.

If you do not feel at all satisfied, because there is still much to do, and daily continues to collect countless injured animals from the streets, recognized the progress that the law now as it can run. “I’m glad that I quit. I urge the people to make use of the law, because it is barbaric the abuse that there is in Paraguay,” he said.

Cartes never answered

The woman also recalled that from the year 2013, as the leader of the Society for the protection of Animals, comes to him by sending letters to the president asking for a meeting to explain more details of the project, but the president “never replied”, not a single one of the letters, as well as agreed to meet for interviews with the Society, told Francesca.

What reminded Crosa, is the importance of having an enforcement authority, the law, the dream for which he has always fought, in this case, your goal is a Secretariat of animal protection.

To expose without shame

Beyond the long way that still lies ahead to make Paraguay a place where animals live without suffering, and cruel, Francesca is happy, and calls to the citizenry to make use of the law. Do not be ashamed to go to a police station to report that an animal is being violated, and to stand in front of the uniformed to take the complaint, that in these early times even the action to generate some surprises and even some irony on the part of the authorities themselves. “It is necessary to be demanding, because it is barbaric maltreatment that are still in Paraguay.”

In theory, according to the law, one will be able to go to the nearest police station and inform the duty officer that observed, for example, a neighbor hurting an animal, or a person that doesn’t feed to your pet. Before this complaint, the police is obliged to accept the accusation as any other and provide you with a referral to the Public Ministry to act accordingly.

Animal law: Despite progress, there is still a long way - ABC Color 2

The definition of offences

The law clarifies that among the most serious infringements of the human to animals, are behaviors such as bestiality, the beatings, and the cruelty resulting eventually in the death of an animal. It is also considered a violation burdensome the administration of drugs or substances that are causing severe pain.

Although it may seem incredible that human beings can get to be extreme, it is certain that cases occur in people that use pets for fighting in public. That is why the punishment for this is also specified in the law.

In addition of worth in prison, the law also provides punishment milder, such as fines or a ban from owning animals for an indefinite time.

They deserve it

That innocent look and that company disinterested do not last for ever, very hard to accept. Live less than one-third of the human life, but it’s the care that you deliver is absolutely disproportionate in comparison with the ingratitude that many times we showed them. Now is the time to balance a little this balance of love and give back a little of the much they give us.

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