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Our species has not been fair with the animals, for much that we may belong to the same kingdom, to use their skills in our profit many times without giving back as it should. It has been necessary to legislate to provide some degree of protection, from ancient, to the beginning for reasons more related to productivity. A society more aware of, has driven, although very belatedly, the rights of more comprehensive coverage for these ancient companions of man.-

In Chile, only recently, in march of 2009, promulgating the Law 20380, whose first article indicates the establishment of norms “to know, protect and respect animals as living beings and part of nature, in order to give them a proper treatment and prevent unnecessary suffering”.

Like many other laws, there was no will, and therefore, the means, to make it comply fully. It might have been useful in extreme cases, when people were responsible in case the particular force through complaints and pressures, which will apply the appropriate sanctions for those found guilty of abuse, neglect or extreme cruelty. In reality, if this law had been used, it would not be necessary a new one, as you can appreciate who want to tell about your text.

In these circumstances occurs the episode of a dog, who, having tired to tenants of a gallery of a neighborhood of santiago, was beaten cruelly to kill you and loosing an angry popular response, host politically, in view of the clamor of the people, and to draft a new law, known as law Cholito, in memory of that unfortunate animal.

The new law enacted a few days ago, contains rules on pet ownership and provides for fines, restriction of sacrifice, the rescue of animals in emergency, and a national registry, to which pet owners must register-with fines of up to 15 UTM in cases of non-compliance-that will allow you to identify those responsible for animals in any trouble with the law.

Creates a National Council of Animal Protection, without making it clear that happens with the Bioethics Committee of Animal described in the law 20.380, which will be in charge of that carried out campaigns of education on the responsible ownership of animals and policies of sterilization and will be integrated by the ministries of Interior, Education, Agriculture, Health and Finance. It has been given a deadline of 180 days to dispose of a regulation of this law that promotes the mass adoption of pets.

So, as has happened with previous legislation, this new rule seems to have gaps, as can be seen in the first case in the region of mistreatment by omission of dogs in a home in San Pedro on the Coast that does not have sanction. The desprolijidades of the legislative work and the lack of will to enforce the laws open up a scenario of contempt for the law, in these cases, which are unprotected are the pets, as they may be animals used for agricultural work or transport, animals, starving or injured, oppressed, punished to view and patience of a civilized society.

In this case it is a question of animals, at other times it is people that are unprotected by inhibitions in the application of protective laws is politically incorrect, when it is more profitable to close your eyes.

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