Lion attacks tamer and spectators fleeing in terror – TN8 the channel young of Nicaragua

Lion attacks tamer and spectators fleeing in terror - TN8 the channel young of Nicaragua 1

Spectators who came to see a show of the circus fled in terror after a lion attacked his tamer.

The circuses with live animals have always caused controversy around the world. Many entities protective of animals protest and work for laws that prevent this type of “entertainment”.

And is that, many times, the conditions negligent in which they live these animals they generates tension, causing your instinct to the surface and the incidents are more recurrent.

An episode espelusnante he lived the last Sunday in a circus in the north of France: a lion tamer was attacked by one of the lions that I worked with in front of an audience with a significant number of children, everything was recorded in a video.

In the video, which was published by an association for the protection of animals, you can hear the screams of the attendees and see how the parents take their children to do not observe the shocking and violent scene.

“My daughter is one of those that screams jan the video. Was crying all night”, told of a mother who was present at the tragic scene, and that he shared the experience in a forum of Facebook.

The tamer, whose name was not revealed, was saved from death when colleagues drove away at the beast activating a fire extinguisher.

The man was bitten on the neck and forearms and was moved from emergency to a hospital, where he was subjected to a surgery that lasted five hours, according to the publication of


Another similar case, but with fatal outcome

In a «spectacle» of the circus in Egipo came up with a similar situation, there’s a feline attacked him brutally to his tamer, Islam Shaheen.

The shocking and unfortunate event was recorded. The tamer received a bite on the neck and a series of mortal wounds.

Mohammed Mustafa, the spokesman for the circus, said that the attack happened because the lion was in the mating season, for that reason behaved aggressively.

The companions of the tamer tried to stop the lion with sticks, but could not avoid the attack that cost him his life to Islam Shaheen who died in the hospital.

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