Little tiger kittens born in a box and needed our help. They are now ready for adoption!!!

The sad truth about this story is that JoAnn Wiltz also found two additional kittens who were already dead. We didn't want to get blocked or have the video have an age restriction, but it's just the reality – it's rough out there for cats who are giving birth in challenging places where it's hard for tiny babies to survive.
Luckily JoAnn was able to save two of her babies – Fromage and Baguette. A week later, JoAnn found an abandoned kitten named Escargots, and mama Paris adopted him and she nursed him back to health.
Paris was feral, so she was released to an FIV positive colony where she will have food and medical care when she needs it. We are working hard to spay and neuter thousands of cats so we can reduce the number of animals suffering out there but we need your help with that. It cost an average of $60 to spay/neuter a cat. If every viewer will donate just $1, we will be able to help so many more animals: If you can't make a donation today, please download our FREE Hope For Paws APP from the APP Store or from Google Play and sign up for email alerts – it helps us send reminders once a month about exciting projects we're working on and we don't want you to miss. To adopt these cuties, please contact our friends at the Kitty Bungalow: – they are the kitten experts in Los Angeles! Also, I noticed that many of you are not following us on Instagram yet, so here is the link to do so: I will see you there – I just posted something really funny 😉 Thanks, Eldad #HopeForPaws #KittenRescue #CatRescue ASOCIACIÓN CANINA ESTEPONA ANIMAL SHELTER ESTEPONA

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