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Tomorrow and Friday the Municipality of La Rioja, through the directorate of Animal Protection will gather signatures in the plaza 25 de mayo, 9 to 12, with the goal to legitimize a project of law that is applicable to the registration of household pets with the creation of card for pets.

Despite the frequent cases of pet loss, and notices on social networks with phrases such as “looking for Lola” or “please Help us find Nina!” next to a picture of a pet, a phone number and a desperate request for help and the non-existence of a registry of pets which considers that some animals are dangerous to the society , the commune and the direction of Animal Protection proposed to gather signatures for a bill where every pet has a “Carnet of pets ‘ through a registry of domestic animals.
In this frameworks, the direction of Animal Protection by Adelina Bianchini spoke of how important it is a record of animals to the city, “The initiative of this project is to root that a record does not exist, a number of how many animals there are, which, there never was a census of animals, we do not know what amount of pets there are in the capital and in the province. Then by means of that record may be taken into account, which are the animals that we consider dangerous.”
Thereby, the protective of animals of the commune stressed the importance of the passport for pets “once we deliver you the card is going to deliver the flat iron with the data of the animal, i.e. the animal’s name and telephone number of the owner. Many times the animals are lost, then, through this identification, one could locate it easier, since currently there is a lot of demand that is lost and never again to see.” In addition, the municipal official asked for the collaboration of all the neighbors to gather signatures for the legitimation of the project of law “we’re going to start collecting signatures on Thursday 16th in the plaza 25 de mayo from 9 to 13. It is fundamental to the support of the society, as it is important to know the amount of animals that we have and also by means of this record to be able to make campaigns of castration, if it is necessary for more extensive and of step to decrease the overpopulation of animals in the street”. And he stressed that the pio card shall bear the name and sex of the animal, the owner’s name, if it is neutered or not, and the picture of the animal. Reported that in addition to let you know how many animals inhabit; to be able to plan activities that benefit them.


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