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“Do I need a lawyer to defend my dog?” is a question that a few years ago many of them would have caused laughter. However, today, it is one of the issues that revolutionizes the right. Here we tell the lawyers leading the field in our country.

Colombia since their legal system and feel social has been changes and symptoms very positive to protect animals. Animal protection laws such as the Law 1774 2016, up to the old, and current Status of Animal Protection contained in the Law 84 of 1989. The previous two laws are the most important of what I have called ‘Animal Rights’ in Colombia and what is not very well known are the lawyers who in one way or another begin to devote themselves seriously to this profession.

Andrea Padilla (dr.)

Special mention deserves to Andrea Padilla, who, although not a lawyer, but a Psychologist from the Universidad Javeriana, strengthens the scope of the right because of his doctoral thesis he is at the moment finishing up at the University of the Andes on the Rights of the Animals. She has been the spokeswoman for many years in the organization AnimaNaturalis International. (@andreanimalidad on Twitter)

Alejandro Gaviria (the more practical)

Maybe it is the attorney that most cases known of animal abuse in Colombia, because this is from antioquia, and this region of the country stands as the most protective of the animals from the administrative. Is an attorney with the Environmental Inspection of Medellin, a specialist in Environmental Law, and has travelled half the country with conferences in relation to the protection of animals. Stands out above all practical and clear about the different judicial mechanisms for cases of abuse of animals.

Sergio Manzano (the constant)

He is a lawyer of the Autonomous University of Colombia who for many years has been directly involved in advising and concepts to several projects that have ended up in norms of a legal nature in the country. Likewise, he has advised organizations of great prestige animal as Animal Defenders Internatioal and AnimaNaturalis. Your experience reflects what has been one of the first and still insistent on the subject of Animal Law. (@manzanosergio on Twitter)

Carlos Andrés Muñoz (el abogato)

He is an attorney with a Master’s degree in Bioethics from the Universidad Javeriana, who heads the Legal Office for the Protection of non-Human Animals –Abogato— of the Free University, Cucuta. You have a team of extensive job where it is practical aspects and research of animal protection. It is to rescue its wide coverage, where their services have come to advise people of 15 departments all over the country. (@abogatos on Twitter)

Luz Helena Henao (the pioneer)

She is a teacher pensionada with more than 20 years of experience in the University of Antioquia and is the first in Colombia to offer from a Legal Office is a program of legal protection for animals, a space that has been consolidated until the day of today. Its activity started from the concern of animals of the university campus, and moved to the offices of the Clinic Guillermo Peña Alzate of the Faculty of Law and Political Science.

Other nascent

Little information is obtained from other people or projects, but the same are to rescue some that are recently created and the expected results satisfactory: the Legal Office of the University of Rosario, through its Legal Clinic Human by the animal rights has since launched not long ago an initiative to implement the legislation in animals, as well as the recent creation in the city of Popayán of the Legal Office for the Protection of animals of the University co-Op, headed by attorney Diana Santacruz.

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