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Pain, suffering, anxiety or stress… emotions are unpleasant and human beings are not the only ones who can feel them.

Beatriz Vanda Cantón, academic secretary of the University Program in Bioethics, UNAM, explains that the ethical treatment to animals means treating them as beings with the capacity to realize what is around them and feel.


The researcher explained that give the ethical treatment of animals means to satisfy their requirements of play, nutrition, space, interaction, and rest in accordance with your biology.


All vertebrate animals —no matter if they are wild, pets, for research, or animals used in the work of the field— you are able to experience joy, fear, and pain so they deserve the same respect and consideration.”


However, most animals raised for food go through intense suffering during his entire life.


In European countries there are laws for animal welfare ensure that animals are raised and slaughtered without suffering; the Treaty of Lisbon, signed between states, such as Switzerland, Austria and Germany, establishes that animals are sentient beings, and this should be considered in any handling you do with them.


Unfortunately, Mexico is very backward in this regard. You do not have a general law of welfare and animal protection; while there are states in the Republic with the standards of this type, some only focus on companion animals.


The UNAM has promoted initiatives to protect the animals through the University Program in Bioethics, in collaboration with societies of animals and international organisations. Although they are a step forward, urgently, to Mexico’s law of federal framework that will give them more power,” says Beatriz Vanda.


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