Cats are the favorite pet of the germans – Montevideo Portal

For years, the cats topped the list of domestic animals in Germany.

In 2016 they lived 13.4 million of cats in German households, indicate data of the Association of the Industry Inputs to Domestic Animals. This implies that more than one in five households had a cat.

The dog occupies the second place in Germany with 8.6 million.

Of course, the economy benefits with such a display of affection towards the small feline. Last year the germans spent almost 1,600 million euros in food for cats and other 284 million euros in sand or particle board for the containers where the animals deposit their faeces.

However, not all cats have such good care in Germany. According to organisations animal protectors, there are around two million cats wild that survive to harsh penalties and reproduce in an uncontrolled way in sites vacant lots, gardens or in the surrounding area of the factories.

With information from DPA

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