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With the cats the same happens with people. Now they live longer because they have improved their living conditions and appear related diseases, many times with age. Some can be fought with vaccines and others, taking precautions.


Kidney diseases, explains the veterinary Astrid Behr, are among the most serious that affect cats. «When you see the symptoms, it is usually already too late,» he says.

That is why it is advisable to do regular blood tests. If the disease is detected early, it can change the feeding of the cat or give you medicines. For cats there is no possibility of dialysis as in the case of the people.


Cancer is a problem of the older animals, according to the veterinary. In the case of the cats were not sterilized, there is a greater risk of developing cancer of the uterus or ovaries.


If the animal eats a lot and still losing weight and in addition you are nervous, it is coveniente to check the function of the thyroid because that may be the cause.

This disease also affects more animals and well stricken in years. «But with drugs it can help them», indicates Behr.


If the cat refuses to eat, this can be due to problems in the denture. «Many owners do not take into account the dental cleaning,» notes the veterinarian.

Not only is this a problem of bad mouth odor: the tartar is full of bacteria and can cause inflammation and tooth decay under the gums, warns. And in that case, it is important to make the teeth to the cat.

In addition, the bacteria can enter the organs through the blood and cause kidney disease, or circulation of the liver. Owners should therefore clean the teeth at the cat.

In the case of younger people it is easier to get them used to it. The greater there will be to bring them safely to the veterinarian so that it is he who will do the cleaning.


These diseases can be deadly for the cat, although there are vaccines against them. It is recommended to vaccinate the animal every two or three years as a maximum. Are more exposed to these animals that they leave the house.


This disease weakens the immune system of the animal and predisposes you to infections. Unlike in the case of HIV in people, you can get through saliva.

The most exposed are the un-neutered males that get out of the house. As it happens, with the people, neither in the case of the cats is no vaccine against this disease. One of the ways of protecting the animal is castrándolo.


In about half of cats are overweight, says the vet Behr, which, however, points out that the more likely to be overweight are the home.

Not only is this an aesthetic issue: one of its consequences is diabetes. For cats who do not go to the street to keep in shape, it is advisable to make that move escondiéndoles the food, for example, or playing with them to hunt.


The cats there are that observe them more than dogs. «They are masters at hiding the pain,» explains Behr. Also Sarah Ross, of the organization humane German Vier Pfoten (four paws), warns.

«The owner is the one that better knows the cat», indicates. If you behave in a different way, take him to the vet. In addition, recommended the annual reviews.

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