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The sad history of the dogs of the neighborhood Botta that were found abandoned this week

Dozens of dogs and a cat, were found in the interior of a vacant home and its surroundings in the neighbourhood Botta. The animals were in a state of total abandonment, many of them dead, others with scabies, bitches in heat and pregnant.

Immediately took up the matter, the Association for the protection of Animals Sarmiento, who along with Gustavo Gauna, Monica and Paul Vera took care of the first attention.

Then joined protectionist independent who gathered to clean the site and leave in conditions the place.

From the moment that they found these animals, you are taking care of them and are caring, nurturing and healing, but need the help of all of us to meet the expenses.

“We need everything,” said this supplies. Balanced (preferably brand “Greedy” puppies that is cheap), cardboard, rags, and cans of water (there is water) and money for castrations, are some of the requirements: “And the main thing, a little of your time to go to the place to feed them”, they stated.

To collaborate can be directed to the Association for the protection of Animals (Mayor Poretti 1355). You can also contact Aug Brion or Katy Maidana via Facebook.

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