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Chanel was born 31 January 2014 and from that came the home of Hugo Yanez became his source of inspiration with their bulging eyes, their nose flat, their legs are short, and her build slight.

For him, the small is more than a pet, it is a fundamental part of your life. That’s why when she became depressed and stopped eating because she became pregnant and lost her kittens, he took Pipo who Chanel adopted as if it were your child.

The love that Hugo feels for her puppies pug led him to embark on an idea that to many it seemed crazy, but in that he had confidence: to bring together people who had this breed and create the Club Pug Guayaquil.

March 25, 2015 Hugo opened the account of Instagram Pug_Guayaquil, in which up pictures of the Chanel and made a call to the owners of dogs of this breed. Shortly after began to hold meetings between childhood friends and people that had these dogs.

Today, two years later, the club has become a reality that brings together more than 150 members, 100 of which already have their card. But you have to make a precision: the carnetizados are puppies. Chanel was the first official member of the club and has its own document, on which appears his / her picture and says that his best friends are Hugo Yanez and Mary Castle.

As well as the Club Pug in Guayaquil, groups have appeared that bring together owners of dogs of a certain race. The pit bull, poodle, shithzu, beagle, bulldog and schnauzer have their own clubs, in which the main objective is to bring to the citizens a message of love towards animals and to raise awareness about the importance of caring for four-legged friends.

An example is the Club Pitbull Guayas, which brings together dozens of lovers of this breed, and annually make a trek on top of the world event in defense of the dogs listed DPI (Dogs and Potentially Dangerous). The grouping was born in February of 2012, thanks to the rise of social networks, which enabled the gathering of the community pitbull from different cities.

All of the clubs hold monthly meetings in which its members, both human and canine, socialize, participate in contests, make parades and competitions. The rise of these groups has done in addition to that, different companies pet products the sponsor and be present with stands at the meetings.

This also gives a space for entrepreneurs who prepare snacks, toys and accessories for dog. There is even ice cream with a flavor of liver and chicken, that hounds can feast with pleasure on every encounter.

The clubs conduct social work

The groups have adopted a social work and at each meeting, donations of pet food, delivered to foundations and activists dedicated to rescuing animals from the street. “We’re always thinking of how to be part of the solution to their needs,” says Mark Bulgarín, Shihtzu Guayaquil.

The clubs have been joined by participants from different cities. At the last meeting of the Club Pug Guayaquil, held August 12 at the Main Port, there were members of The Gold, Santo Domingo, Santa Elena and Manabí. Two weeks ago, was born the Club Pug Machala and the people of Guayaquil are mobilized in a caravan to the capital orense for this important event.

Hugo Yanez, being one of the pioneers of these clubs with the pug, who has helped in the creation of other groups. He says that “when I started it was hard because he had not whom you give guidance or contacts. All that we have been developing at the time.”

However, he says, “the love for the pet does not stop at our follies for them. Every month we get something new, we will increase the followers and partners. Each dog has a card free of charge, not charge for anything, the club is a non-profit”. With the card, each member of the club access to discounts on services and products of the respective sponsors.

The Club Pug Guayaquil also seeks to create awareness among the little ones. In August began an educational campaign in schools, where they talk about how and why to care for the animals.

According to Karen Vargas, a member of the group, visited the first campus, the Bernardino Echeverría, in Los Ceibos. There they met with children from 3 to 5 years, who were able to share and play with the pug. “Many told us it was the first time I touched a dog,” said Karen, who owns a pug, 9 months old, named R2, in honor of the theft R2D2 from ‘Star Wars’, a film of which she is a fan.

The club carries a message of love to the animals, awareness against the abuse, mainly children. “To instill that seed, sembrarles love pets, they are not a toy, if it halas the ear it hurts”.

The meetings allow the dogs to socialize

Frames Bulgarín, Shihtzu Guayaquil, highlights the need for the animals to have activities between them. “It is not only for recreation, but for health. Dogs are very sociable animals, even more than the shihtzu. They have a moment of recreation between them and other dogs is very healthy.”

According to him, several canine diseases are associated with not going for a walk. “Be many hours locked away causes them anxiety, and that leads to build up tension becomes stress. It is dangerous for your health because have been known cases where the dog suffers from skin problems and itching due to it”.

That’s why, he says, it is important that the can have time of daily walking next to his owner and other dogs, not necessarily of the same race.

With him match Hugo Yanez. “The dog has to learn to socialize to be polite and adaptive to its environment. This is the opportunity for this child perruno socialize with other animals, and so go in having that interaction. And owners we help between us, with tips, experiences, how and when to do things.”


The psychologist Omar Garay and his wife, Diana War, are the presidents of the Poodle Guayaquil. Do not hesitate to assert that “this is an activity for the people who take care of the dogs, who love pets, especially in this race.”

The group was founded in may of 2017, before the boom of the clubs of other races. The couple has two poodles, Max, 10 months, and Osa, of 7; in addition, they have a snauzer: Lula, 8 months. Months ago, was invited to join the group snauzer. “Then we realized that it was missing a club of poodle and most of the people like these dogs because they are loving. So we decided to create it”.

Until now have 72 members carnetizados. And each time the contact more people through social networks to sign up. “To begin with we create the account of the club in networks and we seek friends who own poodles. Thus they began to pass the voice. We did not expect the welcome that we had,” says between laughs Diana.

For his part, Omar is happy because it believes that they are impacting the society with regard to pet care and animal protection. “The race poodle is quite affective, it needs care and affection it generates in the children a responsibility and are driven to provide affection”.


The Beagle Club Guayaquil is coordinated by Jorge Ycaza and Erika Moon, who had met each other through Instagram and decided to create the club to bring together lovers of this breed of dogs.

The project started in 2016, but as they were close to the Christmas holidays, they decided to wait until last February, when she came to the first meeting. According to Jorge, “that time we met about 20 members, there were just a few. But now, in our second meeting (held in mid-August) as we were 82 members of the club”.

Your account on Instagram already exceeds 800 followers. A month before each meeting planning the contests, and to contact the sponsors to get the prizes that will be given in the contests. “People like it, we have a group of whatsapp in which you contribute with ideas,” says Erika.


Jandy and Jumpio are the adoration of Frames Bulgarín, president of the Club Shihtzu, who has always been a lover of animals. Seeing the reality of the sector in which he lives where there are dogs abused and abandoned in the street, begging for a scrap of food, wondering how to help them.

“On Instagram, I made some friends as Elsita with her handsome Gandhi, App with Charlot, Antonella with your precious koko, and were adding more people like Maria Belén with its little Lulu, Nicolle with your child Snicker, Yvonne and Jonathan with Jandy, among many other people, who shared the same passion for this wonderful breed of dogs such as shihtzus,” says Mark.

In this social network created the account ‘Shihtzu Guayaquil » to contact other lovers of this breed and thus was born the club. Saturday 18th of February 2017 was the first meeting, attended by about 15 members.

According to Mark, “it was decided what would be our vision as a community canine. One of the proposals was to focus on the social aid, always keep in mind that outside there is a peludito that we need.” Little by little the community has been growing and there are already about 200 members.

In the club we created a group of whatsapp to share stories, experiences, and so have become more that in a community, in a family shihtzu. In the meetings, do recreational activities, contests for children, all interacting with the animals.


The club English Bulldog Family was born a year ago and two months as an initiative of a group of friends lovers of this breed. “We created a policy, and we grew as a family,” says Pauline Muirragui Zambrano, president of the group. She has a bulldog, the small Tatoo, a gift we received from birthday in 2014 and has become one of his great loves.

The grouping started with 5 members and today there are around 90 bulldogs. Meetings are held once a month and they are presented to new members, deliver the cards, share experiences and give advice “because this race will have some complications and their care are older, your skin, your breathing, the heat-shock”.

Among the objectives of the grouping is to be recognized by the Canine Association of Guayas as a club, as well as working with other clubs and state and municipal authorities “to establish strategies and carry out a project that would help the control of the public health and canine overpopulation,” says Pauline.

For her, the importance of the club is to also allow the dog to live with other dogs, whether of their race or another. “It is important that each one have their own things and their own space.” (I)

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