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Love Animal and the humane Casilda took very seriously a curse that binds them together and against that have been struggling for a long time. The recent rally that was held in the city encouraged them even more to raise a complaint to the relevant authorities. It requires a quick updating of the only existing law against animal abuse, and other measures that would help to alleviate hundreds of circumstances that are often seen in the street.

Law 14346 was sanctioned in the year 1954, and for those who understand the matter, is completely out-of-date. Provides penalties that are excacerlables, not expands too much in certain actions and leaves too many gray.

On the other hand, the adhesion to the request requires the governments of turn to generate activities for the purposes of educating the population, on the basis of premises as education. For protectionist, learning against animal abuse must be instilled from the childhood to the university.

At the same time, it suggests a line of complaints that are exclusive to this type of events. As it happens, for example, in the city of Rosario. The same should work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Those interested in signing the petition can find it or order it at the following locations


-Warehouse city

-Radio Casilda

-Maxikiosco next to Bus Terminal

-Store The Union

-Remisería Ovidio Lagos

-Photocopying of the Faculty of Veterinary

-Veterinary Candelaria, Martin Zilli. Malvinas Argentinas 2881.

-Veterinary Martinez. Vicente López 2257.

-Veterinary Cristian Albera. Fray Luis and Lavalle.

-Veterinary Moreno. Moreno 2089.

-Veterinary Tracks. San Juan 1774.

-Veterinary Paul Pikkolo. Moreno and Victoria.

-Or by contacting the members of Love of the animals and the Animal protection Railings.

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