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The associations protectionist in the city of Casilda always exhibit your commitment to responsible ownership and repudiate the abuse towards animals. The case of the dog community who was raped in Cañada de Gómez, was again put on alert in the area and a group of people gathered to march against.

Despite the fact that the weather didn’t oblige too much in the day, more than fifty souls were told present, to honor the memory of Tripo and remember that at local level there is still too much to do, and in addition there are ordinances that do not carry to practice.


The self-convened departed from the Plaza of the Masts, they walked through the street in Buenos Aires until the intersection with Mitre and were greeted by a television program the local was developing its live broadcast. Subsequently launched way back in front of City hall where they proceeded to the signing of a petition that will be delivered to local authorities.

The protectionist local was asked to put a brake on cruelty - CasildaPlus 1The march for Lisandro of the Tower.

Among other things, it calls for a greater commitment of those who must report cases of abuse against animals and the possible addition of a 0800 that meets 24 hours a day. On the other hand, it requires more thoroughness with the ordinances that they departed from the Council and are not met properly.

The march was organized by the group Love of the animals and the Animal protection society of Casilda. Individuals, the media and some political figures joined the moved. There was No presence of municipal authorities, although in this sense it is understood that prefer to preserve their image in the face of impending elections tomorrow.


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