Struggle to prevent the eviction of a shelter for 200 dogs –

Under the slogan “No to the eviction of the Shelter Palomar”, the volunteers of the shelter canine created a petition on the web site in order to obtain support to stop the expulsion from his place of work, at the time that they requested the collaboration of the community to give in adoption to the 200 dogs that remain housed in that space.

Transfer of land

In 2014, the Ministry of Defence signed an agreement with the commune of Moron, through which the Air Force gave land for the Air Base of El Palomar for the development of the housing plan to PROCREATE. “In a small part of these grounds is installed for more than 20 years, the Refuge Palomar and puppies that arrive from the zoonosis of Three of February”, stated the neighbors.

All this, joined in the announcement by the minister of Transportation, Guillermo Dietrich, confirming that the air terminal of The Palomar will become the third major airport in the metropolitan area.

”Among the many acres that the base has, they should look at the possibility that our refuge is not to be evicted and destroyed. We hope that the current management of the intendant Diego Valenzuela be able to resolve this delicate matter with the National Government”, underlined the driving forces behind the parador of dogs.

After the notice of eviction, the authorities of the Shelter Palomar started at the same time negotiations with the Municipality of Tres de Febrero to get a new site conditioning where they can continue with their task.

”The shelter houses 200 dogs from Zoonosis and has been building up for years through the collaboration of many people. Today, we are the link between those animals and the possibility of having a home. If we are not, these dogs would be in cages forever. All of them today have their vaccination, your stroll and dedicated volunteers to perform adaptation tasks to improve their quality of life”, they explained.

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