Maderna met with representatives of animal welfare - The Journal of Madryn 1Mayor Adrian Maderna held yesterday a meeting, in the Municipal Palace, with representatives of Animal Protectors of the city. The meeting that lasted for more than an hour was to make known to the local representative of the work being done by the various organizations that join in the group called “Animal Fest”, that perform tasks of awareness about the care, vaccination, and castration, in addition to events to raise funds for the surgeries performed free of charge on Saturdays in different parts of the city.

More budget

Cinthia Awstin, as an integral part of the protective ‘S. O. S. animal’, spoke with Radio City at the end of the meeting, and explained that “what is needed on the part of the Municipality is to strengthen the area either with a budget, but also what they can make by providing medication, or professional help so that the mobile is able to continue going to the barrios”.
The order comes to the forefront of the on demand of animals without spaying, many of them abandoned that continue to reproduce without any control.
“We need a massive campaign to achieve a high number of interventions. This would be for the short term to fix the situation a bit”, he stressed Awstin.

Search for homes

For its part, Virgina Funes, a member of the protective ‘Second Chance’, stated that “the mayor was surprised by the ignorance of our way of working and then showed interest and promised to fix this inconvenience”.
It is worth remembering that, while the animal protectors do not have a census, the Saturday 13 of may were 83 animals subjected to castration also free of charge.
Because of the hard work done by the protectors of the city, not only altering, but also feeding, seeking home to many abandoned pets, Funes, announced that on June 11 in the school 7721 will be a Matte bingo to raise funds that will allow them to continue with their work.